Fredericton / Venue / Fredericton Region Museum
571 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

Fredericton Region Museum

Inside the one-time Officers' Quarters, the history of the City of Fredericton and surrounding area is interpreted in an engaging manner in several exhibition spaces, including exhibitions on the Aboriginal, Acadian and Loyalist inhabitants of the area, and more.

There's something for kids too – check out the books, puzzles, and colouring stations throughout the museum, or learn about what it was like for a family to start a new life after the American Revolution at Tea with Hannah (appropriate for children and adults).

The museum is also home to the world famous 42-pound legend, The Coleman Frog.

Rent the entire Museum, a room, or the balcony! Unique space for luncheons, receptions or a presentation.

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Banquet Capacity: 

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