Fredericton Geocaching Tour

Geocaching is an emerging tourism activity and the perfect way to explore the roads less traveled, enjoy scenic views and of course, experience the great outdoors any time of year! Think of it as an exciting treasure hunt - all you need is a map, GPS (global positioning) unit and a sense of adventure!

Enjoy Fredericton's wilderness and outdoors with Atlantic Canada's Best Geocaching Tour! The Fredericton Geocaching Tour (the first bilingual geocaching tour in Atlantic Canada) includes 30 special caches divided into 3 themes: nature, culture and heritage.

For the Fredericton Geocaching Tour, you are looking for a small container. In it is a description of the location, a log book, a pencil and a sticker (for your passport). Download the passport HERE to track your progress on this series.

When you complete all 30 caches you have a chance to earn a special locally produced pewter geocoin - first come, first served, only 250 minted! You will also receive a wooden nickel once you've found 10 caches and a pathtag at 20 caches.

NOTE: Between May 1 and the end of September, bring your completed passport to the Fredericton City Hall Visitor Center to claim your prize(s).  If your earn one of the prizes between the beginning of October and May 1, you can claim your reward from Fredericton Tourism's office, located at 11 Carleton Street.  

MARCH OF NEW BRUNSWICK 104TH GEOCOINMarch of the 104th Geocaching Tour

During the War of 1812, the winter of 1813 was one of extreme cold and heavy snows. Between February and April, the 104th Regiment of Foot marched more than 1100 kilometres from Fredericton, New Brunwick to Kingston, Ontario to reinforce British troops and thwart an expected invasion by the Americans. This effort by a regiment of poorly clothed, frostbitten and hungry soldiers stands as an incredible feat in military history. This series commemorates the March of New Brunswick's 104th and the locations where they manned forts, blockhouses, and outposts as well as some key personnel.

Download the passport HERE.

To receive your coin, send your completed passport to:
Fredericton Region Museum, 571 Queen St., PO Box 1312,
Station A Fredericton, NB E3A 3R9
Information: Fredericton Region Museum website

NOTE: Coins will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis while supplies last. Only one coin per person with a valid passport. Once your passport is validated, you will be rewarded with a March of NB 104th geocoin.