Fredericton / Hand Crafted Here

Hand Crafted Here

Craving curry? Picturing pizza? Need some nigiri? Fredericton has you covered. From classic comfort food to new fusion cuisine, you’ll find a meal to suit nearly any taste in Fredericton. And the best part? It’ll likely be made with local ingredients.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Start your day off with breakfast at Isaac’s Way. The huge frittatas and stuffed French toast (with bread from local bakery The Happy Baker) will set you up for the perfect Fredericton day. The restaurant specializes in ingredients and seasonally farmed vegetables. Even the coffee mugs and the art on the walls is made right here in Fredericton!

For lunch, why not try 540 Kitchen & Bar? The small restaurant boasts big flavour with its seasonal rotating menu and selection of local craft beers. If seafood is your thing, you can’t miss the mussels at Catch. Like lobster? Try the legendary lobster club down at the Cabin Restaurant.

All the Buzz

Though it’ll be difficult, be sure to leave some room for dinner at the James Joyce Pub. Tucked inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the pub offers up classic comfort food with a local twist. And if you hear a faint buzzing by your ear, don’t worry. It’s just the bees that live on the roof!

The Crowne Plaza is one of the only hotels in Canada with a rooftop beehive! The bees help the local environment, and in return, the chefs at the Crowne Plaza use their own honey in everything from salad dressing to house-made mead.

In Fredericton, handmade and local goods are the stars of the show. It’s an experience you can’t find anywhere else.