Fredericton / Experience / Wabanaki Tree Spirit Tours & Events
Waggoners Ln
Fredericton, NB E3B 2M6

Embark on a medicine walk through the Old Growth Forest of Odell Park where you will join Wabanaki medicine keepers Cecelia Brooks and son Anthony as they share their knowledge about local flora and fauna and the fascinating history of local plants and trees along with their use as medicines, food and in ceremony.

Cecelia has spent her lifetime dedicated to the preservation of plant knowledge and Anthony grew up with this plant wisdom and spent endless hours in the local forests including Fundy National Park where he worked as a Cultural Interpreter.  As a naturalist and avid hunter of mushrooms Anthony will share his knowledge while Cecelia shares the stories and legends of Wabanaki as you walk through the forest park. You will also be able to choose from workshops and traditional indigenous culinary experiences.

As owner, chemist and wild harvester of Soul Flower Herbals, a plant-based body care and wellness brand, award winning entrepreneur Cecelia brings a wealth of knowledge as she combines her indigenous heritage with her extensive studies in plant properties in a new venture: Wabanaki Tree Spirit Tours and Events, dedicated to the preservation and advancement of indigenous values through cultural sharing and experiences.  


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