Fredericton / Experience / City Hall, Clockworks & Bicentennial Tapestries

City Hall, Clockworks & Bicentennial Tapestries

397 Queen St.
Fredericton, NB E3B 1B5

City Hall, Clockworks & Bicentennial Tapestries

Fredericton's City Hall, built in 1876, is the oldest one still in use in the Maritimes. Visitors are welcomed to the City at the Visitor Information Centre located in the lobby, and can tour the Council Chamber, see the restored clockworks and a series of commemorative tapestries which are on permanent display.

*Until 1952, the square in front of the building was used as a public farmer's market. 

*During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the 2nd floor was used as an Opera House, and was the entertainment center of the city. 

*The clock is hand wound every day. The hands are 8 ft. long and made out of copper. 

*In 2013, the fountain in front of City Hall was restored to its original 3-tiered height. The cherub atop the fountain is affectionately known by locals as 'Freddy the Nude Dude', although his formal title is 'Putto with Fish'.