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Theatre UNB Presents Cats, Cockatoos, and Caca

UNB Memorial Hall
9 Bailey Drive
Fredericton, NB

Theatre UNB Cats, Cockatoos, and Caca

Please join us next week for some very fun weirdness presented by the Drama 2173 class.

Theatre UNB is set to stage a double-bill of one-act comedies by the renowned pioneer and master of the Theatre of the Absurd, Eugene Ionesco.

In the strange, funny, and surreal world of Ionesco, things are never quite what they seem. Logic and reason operate only fleetingly, under new rules, language breaks down, and words are reinvented.

 Tickets ($14 regular, $10 seniors and underemployed, and $8 for students) are available at the door. 

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2017