Open Space Theatre
55 Whiting Road
Fredericton, NB

The Boat

A Maritime story about leaving home.

A boy grows up in Cape Breton in a fishing family.

As he grows and the world around him changes, he questions whether he should stay at home to continue the family tradition with his father, or move away to follow his heart.

This beautifully touching play follows a Maritime family as they navigate their children growing up.

Alistair MacLeod's incredible short story adapted by Fredericton-based playwright Ryan Griffith.

March 9: 7:30pm

March 10: 7:30pm

March 11: 2pm/7:30pm

March 12: 2pm Pay What you Wish

March 16: 7:30pm

March 17: 7:30pm

March 18: 2pm/7:30pm


Mar 9 - 18, 2017