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Sometimes, Almost Never

In Carl Hunter’s debut feature, Bill Nighy (The Bookshop, Hope Gap) shines as Alan, an eccentric, retired tailor with a uniquely keen talent for Scrabble - and for hustling strangers in games.

However, the pleasure he takes in Scrabble is tainted by the memory of his long-lost, favoured son, who stormed out while playing one night and was never seen again.

Shielding himself from the cruelties of the world with a cloak of quirky peculiarities and a gruff demeanor, Alan has made it his life’s work to locate his missing son.

His efforts haven’t yielded much, except to effectively estrange him from his other son, Peter (Sam Riley, Suite Française, On the Road), whose feelings of being second best aren’t much assuaged by his father’s obsessive quest.

Father and son seem to share only one common quality: an inability to understand each other.


Dec 9, 2019