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M’Michèle: Between Fingers

Bernard-Poirier Theater
715 Priestman Street
Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne
Fredericton, NB

M’Michèle :  Entre les doigts

Immerse in the universe of M'Michèle, harpist, pianist and singer. A unique, colorful and poetic world, derived from film soundtracks, funk and electronic music.

Accompanied by her multi-instrumentalist musical partner, Samuel Charrois, M'Michèle combines percussive samplings, string instruments and various keyboards to create gripping groovy textures and catchy themes.

A rhythmic, intense and electric harp, a piano, a contagious energy and many other surprises will be there.


Jan 27, 2018
$15 regular and $7.50 19 and under