Fredericton / Calendar / Maritime Oyster Festival 2018
Officers' Square
575 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

Maritime Oyster Festival

Get ready for a full on Eastcoast Kitchen Party with all you can slurp oysters!

There will be craft beer & cider along with craft vodka and moonshine and the best of east coast wine!

We are looking forward to having the best kitchen party band with us on Aug 10 – Merimac!

If you want a true maritime party, you have got to be here with these guys! 

Guaranteed you'll be stomping your feet and raising a pint!

On August 11th there will be two slurping sessions:

The afternoon will be the calm before the storm session.

This is when you're going to meet the farmer and learn how to shuck & slurp, along with seeing the best shuckers go at in our shucking contest.

The evening session is when we all let loose and shuck, slurp and chug! 

Aug 10 - 11, 2018