Fredericton / Calendar / Hyla Park Frog Walks
Hyla Park Nature Preserve
150 Greenwood Drive
Fredericton, NB

Join us for a guided amphibian tour and learn about the 7 different species of frog that call Hyla Park home.

Space is limited so please sign up ahead of time at

Hyla Park entrance is right behind the Greenwood Drive United Baptist Church, 150 Greenwood Drive.  Accessible also off the Gibson Street Walking Trail.

Frog walks allow the respectful study of amphibians and their habitats, while also allowing for the exploration of the wetlands and all other biodiversity found there.

**Due to the sensitivity of the several amphibian species found at Hyla Park, we ask that participants who wish to handle the amphibians to please avoid wearing sunscreen and insect repellent.**

• Rubber boots;
• Water;
• Bug net (optional);


Jul 11, 2019