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Grum on a Wire

Théâtre Bernard Poirier
Centre Communautaire Sainte-Anne
715 Priestman Street
Fredericton, NB

Grum on a Wire

Grům, an astonishingly average and mundane civil clerk, is guided by one thing only: his obsession with order.

A certain idea of perfection seems to rule Grům’s universe. But our world isn’t perfect, is it? In this wordless play, we witness the slow collapse of Grům’s hold on things, in a captivating forward fumble.

For this man of a hundred fixations, life is a routine of unrelenting battles.

He arranges, organizes, classifies, displaces, replaces, gets tangled up and falls flat on his face in his incessant struggle against objects.

Trying to hold everything together and organize it all, Grum will destroy… the world.

Oct 31, 2017