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Exhibitions: Caryatids & Momentum

Gallery 78
796 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB


Gallery 78 is delighted to have two innovative, ingenious, and beautiful exhibitions on display from June 15 to July 8.

In Caryatids, Eric Budovitch demonstrates an organic development of imagery as his work has evolved. A caryatid is a carved column of a female figure from Ancient Greece that supports buildings, and in his work, Eric has reimagined these stone sculptures as everyday women, incorporated into a tall stack of items and boxes, supporting others and the world around them.

The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design’s graduating students from the Advanced Studio Practice Program are proud to present their year’s work in Momentum.

The pieces from these ambitious emerging artists were to be shown at the George Fry Gallery, but due to the flood and its associated delays, they have adapted to a new space and will be shown at Gallery 78 on the day of their graduation.

Jun 15 - Jul 8, 2018