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Fredericton Playhouse
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Danny Michel

A Special Double Bill Concert

One of Canada’s finest songwriters, Danny Michel has developed a devoted fan base thanks to his thoughtful lyrics and earnest performances.

An adventurous and fearless artist, Michel slips into many genres, from rock, to folk, to world music with ease.

He’s received praise for tackling major issues in his songs, from the environment to the nature of the universe. A three-time Juno nominee, Michel is a master at striking a balance between unpredictability and meeting expectations, leaving you wanting more.

Juno-nominated folk-pop duo Fortunate Ones draws audiences in with wide-eyed energy, pragmatic optimism and an earnest mission for connection.

The Newfoundland-based band weaves blissful vocal harmonies, guitar, accordion, piano and percussion to create an experience that will elicit feelings of joy, hope, sadness and contemplation – and the spirit that we’re all in this together.


Nov 12, 2016