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Curator Crunch: Terror! at the Gallery

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
703 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

Free lunchtime presentations at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

The Crew of HMS ‘Terror’ Saving the Boats and Provisions on the Night of 15th March (1837), by George Hyde Chambers (1803-1840) – depicts the long-lost ship of Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin.

In 1845, Franklin and his crew set sail on HMS Terror with provisions to last three years in order to chart the Northwest Passage.

Join John Leroux to learn more about this work, and how its story has become part of Canada’s history.

Join Manager of Collections and Exhibitions John Leroux each month for an exciting, intimate, and fast-paced look at artworks on display.

Designed to comfortably fit in your lunch break, these short presentations on artistic treasures are open to everyone.

See what these artworks say, and how they connect us with the world – how’s that for “food for thought”?

Nov 14, 2018