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Fredericton Playhouse
686 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

Breabach & Old Man Luedecke

Five-piece Scottish band Breabach delivers a thrilling brand of contemporary folk music that has earned them international recognition on the world and roots music scene as one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting bands.

Since their 2005 debut, they have performed at iconic venues and festivals all around the world. Their exhilarating and energetic performance embodies the Scottish sound that greatly influences music from the East Coast of Canada.

Based in Chester, N.S., Old Man Luedecke has a cunning lyrical flair, tenderly pushing the boundaries of storytelling with a unique mix of folk, bluegrass and pop hooks.

This Juno-winning performer creates narrative-driven folk songs that are playful, coy and soul-warming. He’ll have you hanging on his every word.



Nov 9, 2017