Fredericton / Calendar / Beaverbrook Art Gallery Exhibitions
Beaverbrook Art Gallery
703 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

As the officially designated art gallery of New Brunswick, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery presents a rotating schedule of contemporary and historical exhibitions that give focus to the art and visual culture of New Brunswick and the Atlantic region, as well as of Canada and Britain as reflective of the particular nature and strengths of the permanent collection.

Current Exhbits are as follows:

Canadian Art from the Permanent Collection (Until December 2019)

Atlantic Canadian Art from the Permanent Collection (Until December 2019)

Big & Bold (Until September 15, 2019) 

The Pre-Raphaelite Heavenly Vision (Until December 6, 2019) 

Her Metal: Six NB Metalsmiths (Until May 19) 

Gordon Dunphy: Vessels (Until May 19) 

Joseph Kashetsky: Drawings (Until May 19) 

The Lost City: Ian MacEachern's Photographs of Saint John (Until May 19)

Psi-kekw keti mewi • Tout va bien aller • Everything is gonna be fine • Wela’sitew na (Until June 2) 



Apr 3 - Dec 31, 2019