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Canadian Art from the Permanent Collection (Until December 2019)

The post-contact European practice of academically “trained” or studio-based artists began to take root in what is now eastern Canada in the late 17th century, producing paintings, drawings and sculptural works. Native-born and immigrant artists soon mastered many genres, including portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and narrative scenes, absorbing influences and techniques from Europe, but tempered by the subject matter here at home.

Atlantic Canadian Art from the Permanent Collection (Until December 2019)

The eastern Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland have a rich history when it comes to the visual arts and fine craft.

The Pre-Raphaelite Heavenly Vision (Until December 6, 2019) 

The 19th century British Pre-Raphaelite movement was dedicated to restoring the visionary quality of early Medieval art and thought to a Victorian sensibility. Their artworks gushed a cascade of luminous symbols and mythological themes, all rigidly enclosed by a sinuous bounding line. For such refined and transcendental symbolism, look no further than William Morris’s exquisite Peacock and Dragon tapestry, and Edward Burne-Jones’ elegant Portrait of a Young Woman.

Percy Sacobie – Wolastoqiyik Storyteller (Until December 30)

Local artist Percy Sacobie is a multidisciplinary artist of the St. Mary’s First Nation, whose paintings are characterised by their bright colours and bold lines. His works in the exhibition Wolastoqiyik Storyteller are both autobiographical and historical, and respond to themes of nature, community, and storytelling. The exhibition is presented with support from St. Mary’s Wolastoqiyik.

Studio Watch: Emerging Artist – Painting, 2019: Julie Caissie (Until December 15)

Julie Caissie is an Acadian visual artist from Moncton, New Brunswick. Attracted to unfamiliar or contradictory universes, her artistic process explores the subtle relationships where painting, photography, performance, and sculpture meet and intersect to become interdisciplinary.

Contemporary Printmakers of New Brunswick (Until December 30)

Featured in our Prints and Drawings gallery, we present the first in a series of exhibitions of contemporary New Brunswick artists working in printmaking. In this instalment, artists Alan Grabelsky and Ann Manuel both pursue a disciplined and spirited visual language that combines the figurative and the abstract.

Ned Pratt: One Wave (Until January 16, 2020)

Ned Pratt’s respect for Newfoundland's landscape is the foundation of his work. He distills found locations in his photographs, abstracting the features of a place to elegant compositions of form and colour.

Living Lightly on the Earth: building an Ark for Prince Edward Island, 1974-76 (Until December 30)

In 1974, Prince Edward Island saw the design and creation of “a new commitment to living lightly on the earth.” The resulting PEI Ark was an innovative bioshelter offering a self-sufficient living environment for a family of four, providing for food and energy needs, and enabling a new and symbiotic relationship between its inhabitants and the ecosystem of their home.

Materiality and Perception in Contemporary Atlantic Art: The 2019 Marion McCain Exhibition (Until January 26, 2020

This installment of the Marion McCain Exhibition of Atlantic Art, curated by Tom Smart, reflects how art and decorative arts are expressive agents for the individuals creating them. They are also ways for viewers to explore how objects themselves and the materials from which they are made can change the way we see ourselves, our communities and the world at large.


Jun 12 - Jan 16, 2020