Fredericton / City at the edge of nature

City at the edge of nature

You’re never more than a few blocks away from nature in Fredericton. New Brunswick’s capital city embraces the outdoors, and it goes farther than just urban forests and trails: over 30,000 trees will shade you in the spring, summer and fall just about everywhere within the city.

Hit the trails

The tree canopy extends along much of Fredericton’s 115 kilometres of trails. From the Green – a jewel of a park stretching along the south side of the river – you can travel over the iconic Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge and on to Killarney Lake Park on the north side. Or explore the urban forest playground of Odell Park, then travel onward to the province-wide NB Trails system. Grab your running shoes, rent a bike, or just take a stroll: however you want to experience it, the extensive and well maintained trail system in Fredericton is world-class.

But don’t stop there! Explore beyond the trails to find gorgeous waterfalls, golf courses, and Mactaquac Provincial Park - or head out on the river.

Take to the water

Fredericton is bisected by Saint John River, which runs roughly west-east through the city. First named “Wolastoq” (beautiful river) by the Wolastoqiyik First Nation, the river has transformed from a shipping and transport corridor to the world-class recreation hub it is today. The Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge will give you a panoramic view of the river, but why not get closer? Try your hand at fishing, rent a paddleboard, go tubing, or enjoy a leisurely canoe trip - your choices are as extensive as the river itself.


Being so close to nature, opportunities to spot wildlife are everywhere. All those trees naturally makes Fredericton’s bird population is a birdwatchers dream. A few more ideas: visit the Ducks Unlimited Conservation Centre, try to spot beavers at Mactaquac Provincial Park, or bring the kids to a free frog walk at the Hyla Park Nature Preserve.

Choose your adventure

Snowshoeing, cycling, hiking, canoeing, or watching the sunset from the deck of your very own houseboat hotel: however you love to connect with the outdoors, Fredericton’s got something that will surprise and delight you.