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Running Routes in Fredericton

Running Routes in Fredericton

Looking for that “Happy Pace”? Try some of my favourite Fredericton Running Routes!

I love running, I’ve been at it for over 17 years.  There are days, however that I grudgingly lace up my sneakers and head out the door.  To battle the onset of “runners rut” what I do is throw in a route that I have never done before, or, at least, for a while.  If you are heading out as a beginner, or if you are a seasoned runner, here are a few ideas of routes in Fredericton that will have you mixing it up a bit, adding a little spring in your stride!

1. Killarney Lake
This is one of my favourites to run for two reasons.  First, I sometimes like running on packed trail versus pavement, and, two, c’mon, you’re running the perimeter of this beautiful lake!   If you run just the perimeter of the lake it is approximately 2km, but if you are feeling adventurous you can veer off onto the secondary  trails, which adds about another 15km.  If it’s a particularly hot day, end your run with a nice cool swim!



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2. UNB Woodlot
For those of you wishing to have a terrain that varies, try this run.  I like to park across from the Scotiabank South Turf field (there’s a parking lot, pretty well marked) and the distances can vary (4km-13kkm) depending on what you are up for.   It is the closest and largest forested property owned by the University, totalling 1500 hectares (3,815 acres). To plan your run here, visit the Hiking NB site.

3. Downtown to Nashwaak, Gibson or Northside trail
This is my usual “go to” run that I would do on a workday.  Starting from downtown, make your way over the train bridge (feel free to stop and take pictures!), run past the Trail Visitor Centre (between May – October, great place for a bathroom break if you need it!) and I usually make that split second decision on whether to go veer off to the Gibson trail, keep going straight onto the Nashwaak Trail, or go slightly left onto the Northside trail.  Depends on the mood I’m in, really.  What normally happens is I do a distance out and back, as looping would run into the hour plus category.



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4.Odell Park
I run Odell Park when I want to get a dose of “serene” into my run.  It really is quite magical how one minute you can be in the city, and the next you are among breathtaking old growth forest, with just enough shade from the canopy to make this run amazing. 



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5. Lincoln Trail from Downtown
For this route you have the beautiful Saint John River on one side and the grand, stately homes that line Waterloo Row, to your right (a great run for all you history and architecture buffs!) You can then make your way past the soccer field, and cross the street to meet the paved Lincoln trail to the left.Another out and back if you are pressed for time, or keep running where eventually this trail will lead you to the Trans Canada Trail.



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Which one will you try?  Whatever you decide, you can count on one thing: there is breathtaking  scenic points along the way.  Check out the Fredericton Trail Guide for details on other great routes!