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Are You a FREXpert?

Are You a FREXpert?

What is a FREXpert you ask?  Our friends at the Fredericton Convention Centre coined the term to describe their staff: Noun: 1. a specialist/authority on all things Fredericton.



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How about you? How much do you live, love and know our capital city?  We’ve created this bingo-style game to test your knowledge!  Get out ready to mark the…

  1. Things you know
  2. Things you’ve been to
  3. Things you’ve seen or done

Print a copy of the game here.

So how did you score?   

If you want to study up and become more of a FREXpert, there’s a guidebook for that – our Fredericton Visitor Guide!
You can learn lots about our beautiful city and start planning for places you’d like to visit and things you’d like to do.  On page 32 you will find a self-guided walking tour and driving tour options too – both are a great way to explore and learn about the city!  

Don't forget to share your own FREXpert experiences using #ExploreFredericton!

Share and challenge your Frederictonian friends to see who among you is the ultimate FREXpert!