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Fredericton Craft Beer Festival WEEK!

Fredericton Craft Beer Festival - 2020

It's all about the beer. Pure. Simple.

The Fredericton Craft Beer Festival has been an annual event since its inception in 2013. Since that time, the FCBF has evolved from a one day event into a week-long celebration. Fredericton Craft Beer Festival is more than just good craft beer; it is cider, mead, good food, and good times.

At the inaugural event in 2013, there were 20 breweries participating, providing 90 different beers to 550 attendees. This year, in the Fredericton Convention Centre, over 70 breweries will be providing samples of over 250 different kinds of beer, mead, and cider, to over 2000 attendees at Saturday's afternoon and evening sessions. This year, for the first time, an additional full session has been added on Friday night to meet increasing demand from Fredericton beer lovers. Another new addition this year is a Friday night event from Mix It Up Freddy; an evening of cocktails featuring spirits from all New Brunswick craft distillers.



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FCBF has also expanded beyond this one week celebration to organize events throughout the year, including the Fredericton Burger Battle (14 March - 5 April 2020), Wine & Cider Festival (4 April 2020), the Fredericton Beer Run, and the Down East Brew Festival (1 August 2020). The judging for the 2020 Down East Brewing awards was completed over the weekend of 15-16 February, and included over 300 beer from 40 different breweries located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Quebec. Winners will be announced during the festival.



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If you don't already have your tickets for this year's sessions on March 7, you may want to move fast. VIP tickets for both sessions have sold out, and only some regular attendance tickets for Saturday afternoon remain as of this writing. There are also still some tickets available for the new Friday Night Session, the Mix It Up cocktail event, and some of the other events listed below.

You can find descriptions and tickets for all events on the FCBF Facebook page.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from. Come on out and enjoy some craft beer, support craft producers, and support charity. Everybody wins.

FCBF is a not-for-profit organization that donates to the Canadian Diabetes Association and various other charities.

This Year's Events:

Saturday 29 February (12pm - 3pm) - Beer Olympics (Picaroons Roundhouse)
-$120/team of 4
- Tickets and details
-Prizes awarded
-All funds supporting Type 1 diabetes research

Thursday 5 March (7pm - 8pm) - Trivia Night (The Joyce)
No tickets required - show up, enjoy some beer, flex your beer knowledge muscles, win prizes!

Thursday/Friday 5/6 March - Down East Brewers Conference
-Two days of activities including a tradeshow, the Down East Brewing Awards presentations at Picaroons Roundhouse, and two days of Beer/Alcohol School
-Details and tickets

Friday 6 March - Mix It Up Freddy (Crowne Plaza)
-An evening of cocktails featuring NB craft spirits.

Friday 6 March - Friday Night FCBF session (Fredericton Convention Centre)
-What's included: access to the event, a festival sampling glass (yours to keep), any and all the beer samples you would like and a great time with some local breweries
-Taxi chits available courtesy of ANBL

Saturday 7 March - Fredericton Craft Beer Festival (Fredericton Convention Centre)
-The main event! Sessions in the afternoon and evening: access to the event, a festival sampling glass (yours to keep), any and all the beer samples you would like and a great time with some local breweries
-Coffee available for DDs
-Taxi chits available courtesy of ANBL

Sunday 8 March (12pm) - Down The Keg 3km Run (Picaroons Roundhouse)
-A nice 3km run to shake off the effects of FCBF 2020, and help you get up and at it after the time change
-Complimentary beverage (that means beer); no bibs, no frills, but you must run the 3km to get the beer
-There is a $5 fee to join the run. Please sign up in advance so we know if we have 5 runners coming or 500 :). ALL of your $5 will be donated to Wounded Warrior Canada

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