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The Most Instagrammable Locations in Fredericton

So you’re an up-and-coming Instagram influencer, avid photographer, or planning your next photoshoot... Regardless, you need some new shots and you find yourself in Fredericton of all places. You’re in luck! With its vibrant, small city charm, you have an array of angles and hidden sweet spots to capture that’ll make your feed pop! Here are our top picks for pics in Fredericton:

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

No visit to New Brunswick’s capital city is complete without a visit to the province’s official art gallery! With exhibition after exhibition full of world class artworks, you can easily spend a whole day getting lost in the art of it all and filling up your phone with snapshots of your favourite pieces (remember, no flash photography!). After its recent renovation in 2017, the gallery has a new minimalistic charm that makes it the perfect location for a photo op.




PS: The Café Beaverbrook by Chess Piece is a great spot to snap your snack and a snap!




Public Art

There’s something about finding public art in a new city that makes me see it in a new lens and totally fall in love with it!

Some of the coolest backdrops in town are hidden in alleyways, brick walls, or right beneath your footsteps! Make your next adventure a scavenger hunt, travelling the city looking for the murals that decorate our downtown! As you stroll through our historic streets, you’ll find an abundance of art that surrounds you.



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Here’s a hint to get started: our newest installation is nestled right along the river’s edge. Take the pedway towards the walking trail and you’ll find the bright, colourful painting right beneath your feet!




Food for your feed

We’re all guilty of almost letting our food get cold (or melt!) while we photograph the perfect plate from every angle once it arrives! At our local spots, the food tastes as good as it looks! Check out our list of 5 feed-worthy places in Fredericton that’ll have your followers salivating!



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City Hall

Since we’re crossing off mandatory tourist pit-stops, City Hall is a must-see for any visitor to Fredericton. Take a selfie with “Freddy the Nude Dude”, who sits atop the fountain!

While you’re there, stop by for a tapestry tour! 27 colourful taperstries were created to honour Fredericton’s 200th anniversary as the Capital city, and tours are available daily from Victoria Day until Canadian Thanksgiving!





If you’re looking to venture out into freelance photography, Odell Park has been a reliable spot for countless prom, wedding, and various other types of photoshoots over the years. Whether the trees are freshly frosted or boasting their luscious green, your model will look great as the foreground among this old-growth forest. It’s one of Canada’s best old growth forests, and has 16km of trails to explore. Taking nice pictures here is as easy as a walk in the park!




Lighthouse on the Green

There’s a viewing station situated right at the top of the Lighthouse, where you can take in an impressive view of the city. After some ice cream (or mac & cheese!), climb up to the top (viewing station) to take in a view of the city like no other!




Post your pint!

Socialites unite! Gather your group for a night out but don’t forget the mandatory photo session. Choose your designated photographer and then it’s lights, camera, action! One local favourite spot for brews that’s also popular on the ‘gram is Graystone Brewing! From sunny afternoons to the cooler evenings that follow, this place is always packed and is the perfect spot for pictures.

Whether you want to show off your fresh ‘fit or your flight, you’ve come to the perfect patio!




What are you waiting for? Get snappin’! We can’t wait to see how you #ExploreFredericton, let your us & your followers know what your personal favourite Fredericton spots are!