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Fredericton Waterfalls – Part 2

I’ve always enjoyed a walk in the woods and as much as I enjoy the journey, it’s fun to have a destination. Seeking out Fredericton waterfalls has provided me great pleasure. Along the way my friends and I have managed to get a little lost, had some great laughs, enjoyed wonderful picnics and taken some pictures.

One thing we are often struck with is the trash along the trails. I’d like to preface this post with a request to please always respect the land you visit and clean up after yourself – if you bring it in be sure to bring it out!

The Fredericton Waterfalls post by Ashley Swinton earlier this summer was a big hit so we are here to share a few more for your considerations including some within the greater Fredericton region.

Split Rock Falls

Split Rock Falls is accessed just off the highway at the Kings Landing exit and when I visited in June I was struck by the force with which it was rushing. The walk down the embankment was quite steep but well worth the decent. The water and rock formations were really impressive however the bugs were ridiculous at the time. I look forward to getting back in this fall to see the difference in the water level and to enjoy without swatting at bugs the entire time! Click here for directions to Split Rock Falls.

Split Rock Falls

Fall Brook Falls

Fall Brook Falls are the seriously impressive and the highest in New Brunswick with a 30 meter drop. The drive to Boistown was pleasant and the $10 fee to cross the Irving Forestry gate was well worth it. The walk in from the main road to the water took us about 15 to 20 minutes down a dirt road with some major wash out areas. We did see a jeep drive all the way down to the water though so with the right vehicle you can get there. From the bottom of the road, at the water’s edge we walked about 5 to 10 minutes following the water to come to the falls. There were quite a few others visiting the day we were there and lots of swimming in the great pool at the bottom of the falls. Someone mentioned that the view at the top of the falls was also spectacular but I wasn’t able to find the trail to get to that. Find directions to Fall Brook Falls here.


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Day Trip – Welsford Falls & Ragged Ass Falls

A nice afternoon excursion had my friends and I leave Fredericton at 1pm, visit both the Welsford and Ragged Ass Falls and back in the city by 5pm. It was a nice loop drive taking the highway to Welsford and then enjoying the back road (Route 101) towards Hoyt to get back into the city.

The Welsford Falls were great! Getting there was simple, the walk in was enjoyable and the falls were great for exploring. They just seemed to go on so long with something different to see all along the way. The trail brought us into the top and then following the ridge there were lots of places to stop to take a closer look. We spent about an hour just walking around and could have kept going down even further quite easily. I’d like to go back in the summer and spend some time in one of the pools cooling off and just enjoying the surroundings.


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Raggedy Ass Falls were interesting with the dirt road drive in and then so many different areas to discover. The road has some major water holes but with careful driving I was able to maneuver the road with my trusted Hyundai Elantra Touring. Once parked we easily found the start to the trail marked with a bright sign and found the river bed quickly and followed it up to discover a few waterfalls. The first falls we discovered had a deep black hole at the bottom (pictured below). It is intriguing to imagine what may live way down in that hole. There are well marked trails through the woods but we got a little off track probably due to trees being blown down during Hurricane Arthur. Click here for directions.


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Lindsay Falls

Lindsay Falls is very accessible and found along a well maintained trail just below the Lindsay Valley Ski Lodge located at CFB Gagetown. We reached the falls within 10 minutes of setting out from the Lodge and after taking pictures we continued along the trails for a nice walk through the woods. I have recommended this for families with young children.Click here for directions to Lindsay Falls.

Hay Falls

Hays Falls are found on the Maliseet Trail in Meductic (between Nackawic and Woodstock). It is a great trail and well used. I have been on this trail in all 4 seasons and have always encountered others enjoying it too.  The trail offers a look out at both the top and bottom of the falls for nice vantage points. Again, a great place for a summer time cooling off either with just the spray from the falls or a swim at the base.  Directions to Hay Falls can be found here.



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Something wonderful about waterfalls is the fact that every season will have something new to offer – heavy waters in the spring, swimming holes in summer, beautiful foliage in the fall and frozen wonders in the winter. I encourage you to get out and explore! There is plenty to discover.

For directions to most falls be sure to check out the website “Waterfalls of NB – Google Maps”.

Next on my list … Coac FallsUpper Joslin Falls and Kelly Creek Falls and Odell Park Falls

Do you have any recommendations for me?