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10 things to do in Fredericton within a 10 minute walk of the Historic Garrison District

10 things to do in Fredericton within a 10 minute walk of the Historic Garrison District

One of the things I like best about Fredericton is its size. You are never too far away from anything, and to me, there is great value in that. I like to walk and bike to many places in the city and it’s great when I can get from point A to point B in under 20 minutes!  So in the spirit of helping you decide what and where to visit, here’s our list of 10 things to do in Fredericton within a 10 minute walk of the Historic Garrison District!

1. Walking Tour:
Drop by our Visitor Information Centre in City Hall for a Visitor Guide and Attraction Map to start you on your way. This five block area features 26 attractions and points of interest.  The tour can take 1 hour or 4, it depends on whether you visit any individual attraction.  The nice thing about this walking tour is that you go at your own pace.



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2. Take a walk through Odell Park:
Known as “One of Canada’s Best Old Growth Forests” this park sits in the heart of Fredericton, an easy 10 minute walk from the downtown.  One of the things I like best about Odell is its ability to provide a sense of peacefulness.  Walking through the almost 16km of trails on a sunny day you may catch rays of sunshine penetrating the trees, giving an almost ethereal quality to the space.

3. Explore the UNB Campus!
I may be stretching this a bit because it may take a bit more time than a 10 minute walk, but it is worth it! If you are up for a little hill climb, I would recommend visiting this beautiful campus. UNB is one of the oldest public universities in North America, founded in 1785.  From the “Old Arts Building” (which is, by the way, the oldest university building still in use in Canada) to the Brydone Jack Observatory, Canada’s oldest observatory, UNB is definitely a must see on your list.




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4. Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge:
This was once a CN Railway bridge and it’s my favourite way to get across the river! As a north-sider, I routinely run or bike over this bridge. I’ve taken some pretty incredible pictures, from fall foliage to fog hovering over the river, so make sure you have your phone or camera with you, just in case! And oh, by the way, the sunsets are pretty incredible from this vantage point too!


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5. Waterloo Row’s historic architecture:
If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see either the 1982 or 2000 board layout of the Canadian Monopoly game, you will see Waterloo Row as one of its streets! A short walk from downtown, east of the walking bridge, what will strike you first is the beautiful architecture of some of the street’s houses. From Gothic Revival to Queen Anne style architecture, many of the homes on this street have a back story. If you are inclined towards history and architecture, I strongly suggest picking up a copy of “Building Architecture” from Westminster Books on King Street.

6. Fredericton Boyce Farmers’ Market:
A locals’ favourite! The Boyce Farmers Market is a busy lively spot where you can pick up locally made goods, fresh vegetable, meats, ethnic foods or just have breakfast!  A short walk from the downtown, the market is located at 665 George Street. Open 6am-1pm Saturdays.

7. NB Legislature:
The present day building, with its beautiful self supporting spiral staircase, replaced the old province hall, which was destroyed by fire in 1880. When the Legislature is not in session, you can visit the Assembly Chamber and snap some photos. (706 Queen St).

Free tours of the NB Legislature are available daily (June – late August) from 9am-4:30pm

8. Visit the Beaverbrook Art Gallery:
Head to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery on 703 Queen Street to visit the best permanent collections of art in Canada!

9. Small Craft Aquatic Centre
Take a little stroll on the walking trail from the Pedway on Carleton Street, turn left and soon you will find yourself at the Small Craft Aquatic Centre. Home to Second Nature Outdoors, you can rent a kayak, canoe or paddleboard and take some time to relax and enjoy the Saint John River!




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10. Rent a bike and go for a spin!
Rent a bicycle from Second Nature Outdoors  (63 Brunswick St), grab a trail map and set out on our amazing trail system!  Fredericton boasts over 115 km of trail that spans both sides of the river; so bring some water and even pack a picnic and set out on a ½ or a full day adventure! Get a copy of the Fredericton trails map here!


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Fredericton is a perfect city to walk to so many great spots; this list is a mere sampling of the many things to do in the city! For more ideas, visit our website.