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Get out those stretchy pants: it’s time to eat, drink and be merry this FROSTival!

eat, drink and be merry this FROSTival!

A month after Christmas, and you’ll be more than ready to chow down on something besides turkey dinners and candy canes. The capital city’s got you covered with feasts and fun for everyone.

From Jan. 24 to Feb. 10, for example, you can take part in Dine Around Freddy, a celebration of food that’s part of FROSTival.

Dine Around

Restaurants around town are ringing in winter the right way by whipping up amazing three-course meals for just $31 apiece, and there’s something for everyone. Fredericton’s culinary scene is expanding, with new restaurants popping up all the time. If you want to hit up a fresh spot, try J’s Asian Kitchen, Rustico, or Pickle Jar. Or sample a new-to-you meal from a staple such as The Palate, NARU, or 540 Kitchen and Bar.

Menus are still being fine-tuned, and with top-notch chefs putting their all into one stunning spread, you can be sure these decadent dinners won’t disappoint.

Locals know there’s more to the FROSTival culinary scene than Dine Around Freddy, though. There’s also drinks!

For example, a sparkling wine tasting with Corked on Jan. 25 could be a perfect Friday night out for you and the rosé-lover in your life. If you’ve got a sweet tooth (and let’s face it -- who doesn’t), the same spot plays host to a port and chocolate tasting the following Saturday.

Port and Chocolate

More into beer than wine? Learn about “hygge” (the Danish term meaning cozy contentment and well-being) by sipping beer and slurping oysters on Feb. 2 at King Street Ale House. And if shellfish isn’t your thing, hit up the Bowl-a-Drome on the north side for Burgers, Beer and Bowling on the same night.


The FROSTival events calendar is sprinkled with wonderfully boozy events.The Lunar Rogue is offering an intimate whisky nosing and tasting afternoon for just a dozen lucky folks -- now that’s exclusive! Frank Scott, hailing from the whisky regions of Scotland, will talk single-malt scotch in the Rogue’s intimate pub setting.

Whisky Nosing and tasting

Of course, many foodies like to cook, and if you attend a UNB Learning Workshop with instructor Mark Temelini you’ll enjoy a taste of Italy that you’ll help create yourself. Seasoned chef Temelini will share the passion of traditional Italian recipes passed down from his mother and grandmothers. Leisure, learning, and eating -- what could be better?

A taste of italy

FROSTival culinary experiences are for everyone -- plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss out!