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7 seasonal brews to try in Fredericton this fall

7 seasonal brews to try in Fredericton this fall

Autumn is well underway, and Fredericton’s craft alcohol producers are embracing the season by brewing up beers with fall in mind. No matter the style of beer -- or cider -- you prefer, this city’s got you covered!

Graystone Brewing: United Harvest IPA
Hops are perennial, and are harvested annually in late summer or early fall. Befitting the season, Graystone Brewing downtown has tapped their United Harvest IPA, a flavourful IPA with a deep amber colour and notes of grapefruit and pine. Because many local growers donate their own hops for this recipe, the outcome of this collaborative effort varies a bit each year; this edition is fairly strong and bitter, at 6.6% ABV (alcohol by volume), and 83 IBUs (International Bitterness Units). Graystone regulars will also recognize the Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops that are present in the usual lineup. As the name suggests, Graystone donates proceeds from this fall beer to United Way -- so you can feel good about stopping in for a pint or two.

Graystone Brewing

Picaroons Brewing OOM PAH PAH
This Oktoberfest beer was meant to be a one-off, but its success inspired Picaroons to brew up another batch. OOM PAH PAH is a bready-tasting märzen (a Bavarian-style lager) that’s earthy yet crisp, and at just 5% ABV, is light enough to enjoy a couple on the patio as you watch the leaves change. The German celebration of Oktoberfest is traditionally held late in September and early October, but you should still be able to get the OOM PAH PAH on draft or in bottles at the Roundhouse on the north side of the Bill Thorpe walking bridge.

Picaroons Brewing

Gahan House Riverside: Pumpkin Ale
Pumpkin or yam beers may be the most divisive of beer styles: you either love or hate them. Either way, you have to admit that Gahan Riverside’s Pumpkin Ale is a perfect example of the style. It’s brewed with brown sugar and pumpkin pie spices, but it isn’t too sugary, as some pumpkin ales can be faulted for. It boasts a flawless balance of malt, hops and spice. It’s mildly sweet, and at just 25 IBUs, will please those who don’t care for bitter beers. You can get this super-seasonal 5.8% ale on tap or in cans.

Gahan House

Red Rover: Fall Cider
No, it’s not a beer, but we can’t mention craft brews in Fredericton without name-dropping Red Rover, the pioneers of hard cider in our province. You can get this semi-dry cider all year, but it’s ideal for fall: it’s got the sweetness and taste of baked apples with aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. Stop in to The CiderHouse on Queen Street to try it in a glass, or grab a flagon to go. Its 7% ABV and comforting blend of spices will warm you up as the days get cooler.  

Red Rover Brewing

Maybee Brewing: Goldilock’s Revenge Honey Saison
The rustic, fruity, spicy character unique to saisons make them feel like a very “fall” style. Maybee’s new release is a feast for the senses: Goldilock’s Revenge is slightly hazy with a persistent white head and a gorgeous dark-golden colour; it has an aroma of black pepper and spice; it has a delicate honey sweetness with hints of bubblegum and ripe fruit; its medium-light body and high carbonation give it a pleasant mouthfeel; and this beer’s dry finish and lingering alcoholic warmth truly suit the season. At 6.2% and only 24 IBUs, it’s sweet and a touch boozy. Yum!

Maybee Brewing

Niche Brewing: Constellation
Niche has been doing some great things with fruited sours, and Constellation is another in their burgeoning lineup of tart treats. This one started off as a dark saison, which was soured with Lactobacillus, then fermented with a blend of yeast strains, including brettanomyces -- more colloquially just called “brett” -- an increasingly popular strain that gives beers a wild, funky flavour. After a few weeks of bottle conditioning, brewers added black currant purée, which gives Constellation its vibrant purply hue. Available at the Joyce Pub and other taprooms around town, this 4.7% sour won’t last long, so get out and try it as soon as possible.

Niche Brewing

Grimross Brewing: Maritime Black IPA
It’s a seasonal release that is by now a Fredericton favourite: Grimross’s Maritime Black IPA has been tapped just in time for Halloween. Head up to the brewery and fill a growler or flagon of the pitch-black beer that’s a perfect balance of roasted malts and hops. This 6.2% ABV/40 IBUs dark ale won silver in the 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards, and it’s no surprise -- it’s a crowd-pleasing example of a style that can be hard to perfect. The black IPA has decadent aromas of dark chocolate and coffee, it's roasty-tasting with a subtle citrusy bitterness and a delightfully crisp finish.

Grimross Brewing

Whether you’re a longtime craft beer fan or just discovering the city's brewing scene, these Fredericton brews will hit the spot this fall. You could walk, hitch a ride, or even do a brewery biking tour, because the weather's still temperate and the trails always offer fantastic views. Get out and try one or two -- or all 7 -- before they’re gone!