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5 things you didn’t know about Silver Wave Film Festival 2018

5 things you didn’t know about Silver Wave Film Festival 2018

According to organizer Cat LeBlanc, “Silver Wave is the grass-roots darling of festivals in the Atlantic region and its stars are our New Brunswick filmmakers.” If you’ve been to Silver Wave in November in Fredericton, you’ve probably picked up on what it’s all about. But what’s new for 2018?

1.150 films were submitted, and only 71 made the cut.

So it’s safe to say a LOT of vetting has been done, which means you’ll see the best of the best. LeBlanc says that in its first year, the fest didn’t have enough submission to showcase, “so we went into its library vault and most of the screenings were films made by the members at the time -- which was why the festival was created in the first place.

“Now the festival turns away films as it receives so many submissions from around the world.”

Silver Wave Film Festival 2018

2.There are 29 films by women in this year’s full festival schedule. 15 are New Brunswick female directors.

To name-drop one of many talented ladies involved, director Jillian Acreman, film fest veteran, says her film North screening this year is the story of a woman named Pillar who is navigating her last day on Earth before launching on a one-way trip to colonize Mars.

“We spent a long time trying to fund this project, and aside from being proud of what we’ve accomplished, it’s opened doors to us for our next big project,” she says. “North is being adapted into a feature film next year, so I REALLY hope it connects with people at Silver Wave next month.”

3. This days-long event is not confined to one spot -- so you can definitely hit up at least a few of these amazing local films!

Can’t make it out to the New Brunswick Shorts on Friday, Nov. 9 at Le Centre Communautaire Sainte-Anne? Then try the Canadian and International Shorts the next day at noon at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. Want to kick back on Sunday and take in a flick? Why not go to the New Brunswick feature at noon at Tilley Hall, then see an international documentary at 2?

So. Much. Choice. Be sure to read the official schedule for locations and times!



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4. You don’t have to be rich to get the red-carpet treatment.

If you’re a movie buff and you don’t want to miss a thing, you can get a full festival pass for just $40. That’s basically the cost of seeing one movie in a theatre these days, right? Bonus: If you’re a student, you can attend the whole thing for only $20. That’s less than you’d spend on beers after class -- admit it! And many events are under 10 bucks, which is a total steal no matter which way you slice it.

The SWFF website has all pricing info.

5. Some filmmakers have multiple projects screening at Silver Wave. Because we have big-time talent right here in Fredericton.

Take Jared Carney, for instance. This guy’s got mad talent, and he’s crazy for horror. He’s got three films in this years fest: Wondering Eyes, Boneyard Gloom and a black dramedy called Infinity Land. And he was production designer on four more films.

Carney says one of the great things about Silver Wave for attendees is that they’ll get an array of different-style films.

“For example mine are both silent films and one of them was shot on black and white film. Others might be dialogue-heavy and rely on lots of blood. Infinity Land, on the other hand, is a much more bizarre film. It’s inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer and takes place in a world where people can’t touch each other or they disappear.”

Carney added that “everyone loves films, and Silver Wave is a great opportunity to see what’s been going on in the community and make connections if you did want to get involved.”

Silver Wave Film Festival 2018

Pass the popcorn! Silver Wave takes place Nov. 8-11 this year in Fredericton.