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A Fredericton Harvest Tradition

Kings Landing

Ahhh. That’s the sound of visiting Kings Landing during Harvest celebrations.

For nearly two decades, my family has made a tradition of meeting up at Kings Landing around Thanksgiving.  From the picturesque setting, to the friendly farmers, and delicious, local fare—there is no better place to spend a fall day! 

Kings Landing

Picture this: the sun is warm on your face; you’re sipping a cup of apple cider on the porch of a general store from 1890. All around you are leaves painted with rich shades of gold, orange and deep red. Time doesn’t matter here – you realize you haven’t even checked your phone for an hour!

Caption: Harvest at Kings Landing

You stroll around the pastures as the little ones unleash all of their questions about horses, oxen, sheep and pigs on the farmers. They fall in love with Zeus, the youngest horse, while you snap the most adorable photos.

Kings Landing
Caption: Ask a farm-hand if you can help feed the animal.

The St. John River wraps around this re-created Loyalist village bustling with life—yet lost to time: The blacksmith has been busy forging wares which you can purchase in the auction (held on Sunday, October 7), Mrs. Heustis is dying her wool a deep shade of orange, the militia is test-firing muskets, and the farmers are getting ready to reap the rewards of the harvest.

Kings Landing
Caption: Pay a few extra dollars and try your hand at shooting a Brown Bess musket.

This year, Kings Landing is bringing back a tradition from days of old: Harvest Home. It’s a long-table feast modelled after the English, Irish, and Scottish Fall celebration. When the last of the harvest was brought in, the farmer shouted “Harvest Home” and the celebrations and festivities began! It was a lively time with singing, dancing, and many a toast. 

Staying true to the tradition, two long farm tables will be set up for a communal meal at the King’s Head Inn Restaurant during the Agricultural Fair celebrations. The menu is an authentic, family-style meal from 1867. I’m talking platters of roast turkey, beef, pheasant, venison, meat pie, seasonal vegetables, brown bread, custards and more! I may or may not be drooling after writing out that list.

Reservations are required to attend this feast. Book your seats now and receive complimentary day passes to Kings Landing for the date of your reservation. You can get all the details right here! Please note: the Harvest Home is now SOLD OUT

Kings Landing
Caption: Some of the freshly harvested produce you may find on the table at Harvest Home. Photo Credit: Morris Photographics

Don’t forget Thanksgiving weekend is your last chance to visit Kings Landing before the fields, farms and homes are put to rest until Sugar Bush. So, pack up your camera, bring your appetite and enjoy some New Brunswick traditions!

kings landing
Caption: A horse and wagon ride is the perfect way to take in the fall scenery at Kings Landing 

Have you made a fall visit to Kings Landing one of your family traditions? I would love to hear your stories and see your photos.  Share some of your favourite memories on Facebook or Instagram.  It’ll make my smile all the wider this Harvest!