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Living Roots Festival

The full-out music festival season is nearly upon us friends. Weekends spent being fully immersed in the live music experience will bring us great joy and create memories that can last us a lifetime. Here in Fredericton the next one is on our doorstep - the Living Roots Festival will take place over 3 days serving up 50+ bands in 10 venues both in the city and on the outskirts.

This festival is a true grass roots organization founded by Eddie Young of Roots & Soul Music Promotions and is in its third year. The lineup features local & touring artists on stages around the city in cool interactive shows including all ages shows and unique events such as a washboard workshop. The Fredericton stages will be found at Grimross Taproom, The Capital Complex, The Cider House / Abbey Café, Cinnamon Café, Read’s Café & newsstand, Bellwether and the Royal Barbershop. The festival has also programmed shows at the The Loch Pub in Harvey and at the Barnhouse Pub in Keswick.

The festival headliner, Irish Mythen was born in Ireland but now calls PEI home. She has toured with Melissa Ethridge and been written up in the Rolling Stones magazine. She is a true force of nature and has the ability to hold the attention of a massive crowd with the power of her voice. You can find her on stage Friday night (May 25th) at the Grimross Taproom.

Del Barber is no stranger to finding inspiration in the cultural backdrop of Canada. On his last record, the JUNO Award-nominated Prairieography, he documented stories of prairie life, highlighting the unique relationship between struggle, hard work and love. He will be at Wilser’s Room on Friday night and at Grimross Taproom on Saturday night.

Spanning a musical life with hardcore beginnings, to the somber strings of his acoustic guitar in his country-folk infused solo project, Spencer Burton is a mainstay musical virtuoso. His new album 'Don't Let The World See Your Love', was produced with Daniel Romano. He will be at Wilser’s Room on Friday night and at Grimross Taproom on Saturday afternoon.

TWIN will be playing three days of the festival arriving by way of the river on Thursday as part of their canoe tour which is taking them all over North America by paddle power!

The multi-instrumental group blending blues, bluegrass, vaudeville and Americana folk, Old Man Grant are a northern take on a southern sound. Hailing from a humid town built on wetlands, and inspired by the dark tone and inner turmoil of the southern gothic, this Canadian group has come up with a unique style at times called the "Bytown Swamp Stomp". From thunderous roars to the quietest whispers, their honest and emotional storytelling never fails to capture their listeners’ attention.

I’ve only touched on a few acts here and there are numerous other wonderful bands performing throughout the festival such as Outside I'm a Giant, The Lifers, Rory Taillon, Ali McCormick, Jason Haywood and Ryan Cook to name a few. As well as many local favourites like The Tortoise The Hare & The Millionaire, Creative Differences, Oak, Ash and Thorn, The Falling Leaves and so many more! I hope you will have opportunity to get out to support this great local endeavour and treat yourself to a great night of entertainment. 

Visit the Living Roots Festival website HERE for all details on show times and tickets.