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FREE programming at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival!

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

In their continued commitment to ensure the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival is accessible to everyone the organizers are expanding their FREE programming.  Through the generous support of their partners and funders they will include shows on Thursday night and are adding new stages and more shows to the Friday afternoon events as part of CBC Free Harvest.

The streets will be alive with the unique Taylor Printing Street Experience including free stages, buskers, vendors, food trucks, artisans, outdoor bars and more. The additional stages and expanded timeframes will provide even more opportunity to showcase the emerging talent from across Atlantic Canada.

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

This year’s expansion of the CBC Free Harvest will bring 6 free stages and 6 busker venues in downtown Fredericton within the street closure. The Taylor Printing Street Experience will mean closing some downtown streets to traffic from Thursday at 6:30pm to Sunday at 5:00pm. New for this year, the free shows and food trucks will start at NOON on Friday and continue throughout the weekend. Full schedule of the free stages can be found on the Harvest website by clicking HERE.

A couple things that stand out for me are the addition of the Saturday morning Yoga on the Fredericton's Own Stage and Jazz at Wilmot Church on Saturday afternoon. Jazz fans will be happy to see more in the program and the yogis will appreciate an opportunity to combine their love of music with even greater movement.  

The festival is also introducing a whole new experience in THE LOT which will be located in the back lot between the Moose Light Blues Tent and the Cox & Palmer Blues Court. This new area will include the HARVEST GARDEN combining 3 individual outdoor bars along with food trucks to serve up some fun adult entertainment! Be sure to stop by to relax while you grab a drink and a bite from one of the 3 patio bars provided by Moosehead, Sailor Jerry and Two Oceans.

I also want to be sure to remind all patrons that ANBL will be providing the FREE Safe Ride program again this year. The Shuttle Bus service is offered to all patrons Thursday through Saturday of festival with 6 buses running and stops at most major Fredericton hotels and some local businesses providing safe transportation. Check the website for details on schedule.

Have a great Harvest and remember to play safe!