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Fortune of Wolves – An epic theatre experience!

Fortune of Wolves – An epic theatre experience!

Theatre New Brunswick is gearing up to bring its 49th season of live professional theatre to audiences at home in Fredericton and across the province!  Each year the company attracts professional actors and designers from across the country to create incredible theatre productions of the highest caliber. If you haven’t been to the theatre in a while or have not yet made time for a live theatre experience, let this be the season you take the plunge!

Theatre New Brunswick’s season begins in October with the world premiere production of Fortune of Wolves, an epic trans-Canada odyssey that blends the dark imagery of Stephen King with the catastrophic world of The Walking Dead. Written by New Brunswick playwright Ryan Griffith, the play will be like nothing the company has ever staged in its 49 year history.

Fortune of Wolves tells the story of Lowell, a young man from Nova Scotia who sets out on a cross-country journey-of-discovery only to find himself in the midst of an apocalyptic event that begins to unfold through several New Brunswick communities including Sackville, Moncton, Sussex, Saint John, Fredericton and Perth-Andover as he makes his way west.

While writing his first draft of the play, Griffith traveled to each community featured in the story to walk the streets, meet with the locals and observe the countless regional dialects that make up our provincial population – all this to help create characters that are honest, relatable and truly believable.

While the story is sure to captive audiences during this epic 3 hour performance, the play will prove equally daunting for the actors on stage.  Prior to each performance (10 in Fredericton as well as seven touring performances throughout the province), actors will role dice to determine which characters will tell the story. With nine hours of text to choose from, this unique method will ensure that no two performance will be the same.  In short, Fortune of Wolves will not only be the most challenging theatrical undertaking in the company’s history (that includes nearly 300 productions), but also stands to be one of the most ambitious New Brunswick plays ever produced.

So…what are you waiting for? Tickets are on sale now at the Fredericton Playhouse box office or online at Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of New Brunswick’s leading contemporary playwrights in what will no-doubt prove to be an unforgettable live theatre experience. See you at the theatre!

Fortune of Wolves (October 12-22) at Open Space Theatre – 55 Whiting Road in Fredericton.

Buy tickets HERE.

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