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Getting the Scoop – a List of Ice Cream joints in Fredericton!

Getting the Scoop – a List of Ice Cream joints in Fredericton!

Have you heard about the new ice cream talk of the town – Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Café’s ice cream sandwiches!

Everyone can agree, summer is synonymous with ice cream. People have been consuming ice cream as far back as the 16th century, and why? Because it is SO delicious, that’s why! But what sets ice cream apart from the past is the sheer multitude of flavours and concoctions available today.

Are you a cone person or a dish person? Are you a conservative one scooper or a go all out, no holds barred 2-3 scooper?  Whatever your personal preference, I’ve compiled a list of ice cream spots in and around Fredericton that is sure to bring a sticky smile to your face!

Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Café
Well-loved by locals and visitors alike, the Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Café was rated by Huffinton Post one of the top 20 bakeries in Canada! This summer they’ve added a new item to their menu: house-made ice cream sandwiches!


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Happy Baker
Affectionately known as the former name “Tingley’s”, the Happy Baker operate this location where one side is the delicious pastries that they are known for, and the other is over 40 flavours of ice cream .  We usually make a plan to bike to this location (not as guilty since we are getting some exercise!)


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Dari Delite
Located on 2180 Lincoln Road, Dari Delite has been in operation for over 50 years! They serve soft ice cream and popular choices such as parfaits, sundaes and milkshakes!  The building is reminiscent of ice cream huts from days gone by, and something that particularly caught my eye is that they offer a peanut butter cone dip flavor (among others)!


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Lighthouse on the Green
Operated by the Crowne Plaza, the popular riverside icon has a fantastic patio that overlooks the beautiful St John River; a perfect spot to enjoy one of the many flavours offered at the Lighthouse.  Try their “Donut Sandwich”  - a unique combination that combines a fresh home-made donut with ice cream of your choice!

Lighthouse on the Green Donut Sandwich

JPM Canteen & Dairy Bar
Huge scoop alert! When we visited JPM recently, one of us ordered a medium ice cream.  They asked “are you sure you want a medium?” We said yes.  Now we know.  This is the ice cream of monumental proportions! With countless selections, be very aware of how much ice cream you really want.  If you are experiencing a HUGE hankering and you are very hungry? Medium it is!

JPM Canteen

Skinny’s Scoop
If you are ever in the Keswick area, you will definitely notice this iconic ice cream shop.  It’s bright red exterior with a petting zoo and kids’ play area and of course, ice cream!  With menu selections such as “Worms and Dirt” and “Skinny’s Supreme” (not sure how many scoops that means), it is worth the 15 minute trip to this little spot on route 105.


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Moxon’s Country Pumpkin
Moxon’s is a favourite stop on route 105 in Maugerville with their farm animals and fresh vegetables, but they also sell a selection of hard ice cream! A perfect opportunity to enjoy a treat and visit with the alpacas and goats (psst…if you ask nicely, they might give you some greens for the animals to munch on!)

Pepper Creek Delight
This little ice cream joint is run by a group of very enthusiastic teens! Located on Route 10 in Pepper Creek, the bright pink building is hard to miss! Choose from approximately 17 different flavours and tell these kids they’re doing a great job!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

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For all of you ice cream connoisseurs out there,  let us know your favourite! There is sure to be a flavor out there that will strike your fancy! Enjoy!