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Next time you come to Fredericton bring your bike!

Next time you come to Fredericton bring your bike!

There are two things Fredericton is doing well these days: mountain bike trails and craft breweries. I'll let that sink in for a minute.

O.k. now that I've got your attention you're thinking that sounds fun right? It is! The best part, no matter where you are in Fredericton (downtown or up, north side or south) chances are pretty good that you're within a casual bike ride distance to some great trails and some tasty beer. No car necessary!

Let's run through some important stats together:

  • 5 craft breweries with a combined 56 beers on tap (the day I wrote this
  • 6 trail systems with a combined 152 km of trails (again... the day I wrote this)
  • 2 local bike shops for service, rentals, and spare parts (Savage's and the Radical Edge)
  • 1 amazing bike club: River Valley Cycling maintaining the trails, hosting events, organizing group rides, and advocating for more than 350 local riders

There are a variety of ways to explore what Fredericton has to offer so don't be afraid to adventure. To get you started I'll share a great loop that will let you wet your whistle. This ride starts and finishes at the Picaroons Roundhouse on Fredericton's north side riverfront. If you are downtown this is just a short hop over the dedicated walking / cycling bridge. Ride north on the city's Gibson trail which provides a nice warm-up for a few kilometres on a flat but scenic crusher-dust path that follows the Nashwaak river. When you arrive at the historic Marysville cotton mill building fill your bottle in the fountain and head uphill onto Coronation St. and then Bridge St. Cross highway 8 (look both ways!) and you're now at the trailhead for Fredericton's premiere mountain bike destination: a trail system known locally as MVP

These 3-year-old's can ride MVP on bikes with no pedals so we're pretty sure you can too.

MVP is a well-designed and well-maintained network maintained by River Valley Cycling volunteers that offers approachable and flowy beginner trails in the front and rowdy east-coast technical trails in the back. It offers something for everyone and can be enjoyed on just about any bike as long as you've got some knobby mountain bike tires. The Trailforks smartphone app is the recommended way to navigate. With a stacked-loop pattern you can ride as little as 3 km or as much as 40 km if you want to fit it all in. When your legs start to shake and your lungs feel like they're going to quit just find your way back to highway 8 and retrace your steps back onto the Gibson trail. A short pleasant pedal will cool you down and deliver you back to the Saint John River and the Picaroon's Roundhouse.  

The managed trail at MVP have something fun for all skill levels... including these pros!

The Roundhouse offers some great local food, and a beer to suit just about any taste. You can't go wrong with a pint of 'Dark and Stormy Night'. Now relax, eat a sandwich, take selfies with your ride-mates, enjoy the view of the river and upload your ride to Strava if that's your thing. 

Post-ride cool down with a view.

Congrats... you've now experienced just a small fraction of what Fredericton's got to offer. I bet you're bringing your bike next time you're in town! Are you a local? What’s your favourite bike & beer trail?

Did I mention we do this all year round?

Chris supports RVC as a member, a volunteer, and as an occasional trail builder. He sees the singletrack trail network as a strategic resource for the city. Chris is a forester who lives, works, and rides in Fredericton.