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Complete List of Berry U-Picks

Complete List of Berry U-Picks

It’s berry season in Fredericton! Looking to make homemade jellies, jams, cakes and more, or maybe you’re just looking to have some family fun? Check out our complete list of berry u-picks in Fredericton and the surrounding area!

Don’t forget that U-Picks sell out quickly, so it’s best to call before making a trip to be sure they still have berries available!

Sunset U-Pick (strawberries)
8am-8pm, until picked out, weather permitting | 506-459-3183 | 49 Ferris Street | $1.75/pound or $2.60/quart | Facebook

Tingley's U-Pick (raspberries)
9am-12pm & 4-7pm, weather permitting (closed on rainy days) | 506-459-2643 | 727 Route 105, Maugerville | Website
Note: Tingley's U-Pick is expected to open July 22 for the season, but may open earlier with good weather. Please call ahead. Prices to be announced at a later date.

McKinney's U-Pick (blueberries, red & black currant, raspberries)
Hours vary | 506-357-5444 | 761 Route 105
Note: McKinney's U-Pick will be opening at the end of July. Prices to be anounced at a later date. 

Fernhill Farms / Kelly's U-Pick (strawberries available now, raspberries later)
8am-dusk, until picked out, weather permitting | 506-450-4163 | 1670 Woodstock Rd. | $2.50/quart (strawberries); $5.00/quart (raspberries)

River View Orchard (strawberries, raspberries)
8am-5pm & 8am-8pm on Fridays | 506-440-4379 | 251 Route 616, Keswick | $3/box (u-pick); $4/box (already picked) | Facebook
Note: River View Orchard will be opening July 2 for the season

Gilbert Farms (strawberries)
8am-7pm | 506-357-8634 | 419 Route 102, Burton | $1.80/pound | Facebook
Note: Gilbert Farms will be opening July 3 for the season

The Old Pickard Farm Strawberry Upick  (strawberries)
8am-5pm Monday-Saturday; 12-5pm Sunday | 506-260-7472 | 159 Route 105, Keswick Ridge | $1.60/pound or $2.40/quart​ | Facebook
Note: You're welcome to bring your own containers. If you don’t bring your own containers, boxes are $0.25 each.

Tell us, what’s your favourite berry recipe?