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Let the Battle Begin!

YFC Burger Battle


Wait... is that copyrighted by Iron Chef? 

Anyway, Fredericton Burger Battle isn't about locking some people in a room with an obscure ingredient and seeing what they can come out with. This is a city-wide event where chefs from Fredericton restaurants get to show off their interpretation of the iconic sandwich (yes, it is a sandwich, sorry). 

Brewbakers' Smokin' Cow Burger

The last YFC Burger Battle was in 2015, where 12 restaurants put forth 14 burgers (yours truly managed to take in 12 of those). When the dust cleared, The Snooty Fox emerged as champion with their "Southern Gentleman" - a 1/2 lb chicken fried Atlantic beef burger with cajun mayo, smoked provolone, roasted red peppers, and greens on a scallion bun. As much as I was hesitant to tackle a deep fried hamburger, this was one of my 12 burgers, and I can confirm that this Gentleman was worthy of his crown. 

After a year pause, Burger Battle is back, and under new management. Lloyd Chambers, known locally in Fredericton as the co-founder and regular show runner of the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival, has brought the battle back with an eye to bringing in more players, to help bring attention to local restaurants, and to raise money for charity (Type 1 Diabetes). As a natural extension of Lloyd's Beerfest role, intent of the battle is to also bring attention to the expanding variety of local beverages to pair with these burgers.  Additionally, many of this year's participants place a focus on locally sourced food, thereby extending the benefits of the battle to local farmers and economy. 

Isaac's Way Sweet & Spicy Burger

There are some amazing burger offerings this year. How do I know? Well, as of this writing at approximately the mid-point, I have managed to take in 9 of the 16 available burgers up for offer (as luck had it, I was off work this week). 

YFC Burger Battle

As part of the Burger Battle promotion this year, I have been going head to head with downtown Fredericton fixture John Evans to see who can eat the most (maybe all..?) burgers.  In 2015, John one-upped me by eating 13 of the 14 available burgers (I steadfastly cling to my excuse that I had to leave town on the closing weekend of the battle). When I started typing this blog a few paragraphs ago, I was ahead by one burger. Checking my twitter feed, I can see that John has now caught back up. If you would like to track our progress, you can find us on Twitter @FeedSeanvernon and @FtonBeerSnob. You can also follow the Burger Battle on Twitter or Facebook for lots of great photos.  

 As part of the promotion, there will be daily draws for gift cards to participating restaurants for people who post a shot of their burger. So go get yourself a great burger, post a photo with the hashtag #YFCBurgerBattle, and win $$ towards another visit! 

Everyone is also encouraged to vote for their favourite burger and help crown the 2017 champ!  

The #YFCBurgerBattle runs 25 March - 8 April 2017. A list of participating restaurants and a description of their burgers can be found here.