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FROSTival delivers delicious!

FROSTival delivers delicious!

Kick off your tasty tour at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers’ Market, The Northside Market, and the Cultural Market every weekend. Be sure to sample something new! Introduce yourself to Korean, Greek, Chinese, Syrian, and Canadian fare (just to name a few!) and jump into diversity fork first. Gluten free and vegan options? Absolutely! You’re bound to find something yummy to take home.

Dine Around Freddy

A fine dining tradition you won’t want to miss! Whether you dine before or after taking in many of the FROSTival events, expand your FROSTival experience by trying a new dish, visit a new restaurant, and enjoy a delicious meal professionally created and prepared just for you!  An amazing special menu, $31, three course meal at one of 11 fine dining restaurants in Fredericton proves why Dine Around Freddy has established itself as a FROSTival favourite.  

Dine Around Freddy

Fine wine, whisky, sushi, craft breweries, DIY culinary….create your own FROSTival TASTY TOUR!

Uncork your creativity with a Sip-N-Paint evening at Corked Wine Bar. Guided by talented painters, let the wine and creativity flow. Offered more than once during FROSTival (January 19/February 9), this is a fun way to share laughs with friends, try a new wine, and take home your own artistic treasure.

Corked Wine Bar's Sip 'n Paint

Sip hot chocolate, warm apple cider, and sample baked goodies at a family skating party or one of several campfire sing along evenings with local musicians in Officers’ Square. The talent of our local musicians and toasty treats are a perfect combination.

Beer…chili, beer…curry, beer…biking, beer…

The NB Hopspiel on the ice rink in Officers’ Square (January 21) features outdoor curling, craft beer, a chili challenge, and bonfire. The Fredericton Craft Beer festival invites you to join them in celebration of local craft beers. Not a curler, no problem! Come for the outdoor craft beer garden, enjoy the entertainment.

NB HopSpiel

Celebrate local breweries…on a Fat Bike…join the Tour de Beer (January 21). Visit local breweries, sample food, and craft beers on a guided tour of Fredericton on Fatbikes/Winterbikes. 

Jump on the beer bus!  A unique bus tour (February 4) will explore four brewery stops where you get to sample craft beer and meet the people serving it up! Each stop includes four samples and a great time. 

Fredericton Craft Beer Tour

If a walking tour is more your speed, explore beer in downtown Fredericton on this Beer Exploration Tour (January 28). This guided walking tour will help you explore the great tastes of Fredericton Craft Beer scene. 

The nose knows! Learn wine and whisky skills from experts.

Calling whisky enthusiasts! The intimate atmosphere of the Lunar Rogue is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon of nosing and tasting single malt whisky from the whisky regions of Scotland with Frank Scott (February 4). You’ll see why we are home to one of the Great Whisky Bars of the World!

Become a wine aficionado! Instructor Jean-Charles (J.C.) Belzile and Sommelier Chris MacDonald will introduce you to wine types, tasting techniques and terms, how smell and taste are integral to the enjoyment of wine, the proper way to serve wine and even the selection of proper wine glasses. You'll come away from this course (February 7) with more confidence to select your next bottle of wine. Cheers! 

Sauerkraut and sushi!

Create your own flavourful Italian masterpieces with Mark Temilini. Explore Italian cuisine through this introduction to a Taste of Italy. Spirited and diverse, this UNB Leisure Learning workshop (January 28) will guide you through a hands-on experience of cooking, preparing (and eating!) a typical home cooked Italian dish. 

Sauerkraut, yogurt, and beer…what do they have in common? They’re all made possible through the work of cooperating microorganisms through a process known as fermentation. A two-day hands-on course with instructor Matthew MacLean, will show you the principles of fermentation and get you started on your own fermented food projects. (February 4 & 9) 

Explore history and your own creativity as you reconstruct ancient foods through A Taste Of Ancient Rome (February 11). Following historical texts and cookbooks, Mark Temilini will coach you in the preparation of fava bean salad, chicken with chestnut purée, and herbed cheese with arugula, just like you may have found in ancient Rome! 

Walk in a sushi novice, walk out an expert! Learn to make sushi at home with instructor Amber Li. Practice makes perfect and mistakes are delicious! (February 12)

Taste of Sushi

Customize your own FROSTival tasty tour, January 19 – February 12, your taste buds will thank you!