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10 Things to do this Fall

10 Things to do this Fall

It’s that time of year…kids are going back to school, you reluctantly lay your light, summery clothes to rest (and yes, with a hint of a tear in your eye) and start to think Fall.  After summer, Fall is actually my favourite time of year.  It’s unmistakably the only season that you feel comfortable outside; not too hot, not too cold – perfect weather for all of the things that you will be doing this season in Fredericton!

Here are my top 10 things to do this fall in Fredericton – where you’re sure to find something for the adventurers, the explorers and those that just want to chill!

1. See some of the Maritimes best fall foliage
One of my all time favourite driving routes to see fall colours in New Brunswick is on Highway 105 North to Keswick Ridge (Burtts Corner turnoff on Route 104).  The dazzling array of reds, oranges and yellows quite literally takes your breath away.  But don’t limit yourself to this driving route, there are so many areas to choose from.  Follow New Brunswick’s fall foliage map to find out the best spots, at the best time. Any why not consider enjoying the fall foliage on Atlantic Canada’s only houseboats – Lakeway Houseboats!

Lakeway Houseboats

2. Swing from the trees!
If you haven’t been to TreeGo Mactaquac yet, what are you waiting for?? This aerial adventure within the beauty of Mactaquac Provincial Park awaits you, complete with swinging ropes, zip lines, and the occasional “OH MY GOODNESS!”  It is a fun, adrenaline-inducing way to spend the morning or afternoon.  The best time to do TreeGo Mactaquac, in my opinion, is the fall.  The temperature is perfect and what better way to view the world…from up high!  TreeGo’s season ends on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.  Register in advance by calling 1-877-707-4646 to hold your spot, or visit their website.


3. Step back in time!
Immerse yourself in another era – once you find yourself at Kings Landing Historical Settlement you will literally feel like you are in another age.  Tour the settlement and pitch in – learn to make butter, cook at an open hearth, be a part of the classroom (make sure you aren’t picked to wear the dunce cap!) You can easily spend a day being a spectator or participant, your choice! Kings Landing is open 10am-5pm and wraps up their season with special Thanksgiving festivities on October 10.

Kings Landing Historical Settlement

4. Take a Hike!
Fall is the best time to go hiking.  Whether it is a challenging trail or a nice, easy jaunt, it’s a great way to get out and take a big deep breath of fresh, crisp air! You never know what you might come across; there may be a waterfall just around the corner! Bring your camera, some snacks & water and away you go!  We’ve hiked the Maliseet Trail in Meductic (by far our favourite!), Curry Mountain, Woolastook,  Dunbar Falls, and the UNB Woodlot, just to name a few.  My kids enjoy the challenge but also the reward at the end (usually a treat from Tim’s!) We like the Hiking NB website - where you’ll find a list of trails including degrees of difficulty, distance and other interesting items to narrow down your decision!

Hiking in Fredericton

5. Running the Trails
I love getting out and going for a run.  But what makes a run “good” and what makes a run “great” depends largely on time of year.  Fall is the ultimate time of year to run.  Why, you ask?  Well for one thing, it is low humidity, the temperatures are just right, and you can run on the occasional crunchy leaf, which is almost as good as jumping into a pile of leaves.  There are an infinite number of trails in Fredericton (88 km to be exact); if you want paved, we have it, if you want crushed rock, we have that too.  If you want trail running, head to Killarney Lake or Odell Park.  Visit my blog post to learn about some of my top running routes in Fredericton.

Run the trails

6. Apple Picking
Apple picking is most definitely synonymous with Fall!  The kids and I go every year, and it gets easier as they keep getting taller to reach the choice apples! Make an outing of it, bring your camera and some sturdy bags and get ready to pick the best ones in the orchard.  What’s the best thing about going apple picking?  Quality control taste testing (limited to one apple per person…tee hee)!

For a complete list of apple u-picks in the Fredericton area, click here!

Apple picking in Fredericton

7. Troll the Farmers’ Markets
I have 2 words for you: fall harvest. Markets are great places to visit but don’t forget to bring your appetite! Why? Because you don’t want to miss any of the goodies on offer – from samosas to gyros to baked goodies…mmmm..And the best part?  Fresh, seasonal produce grown locally!  From one of Canada’s top farmers markets, the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market, to the Fredericton Northside Market, to Moxon’s Country Pumpkin, the Cultural Market and more – you can find a full market listing on our website or read April Penney’s market blog post

Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market

8. See some great entertainment!
Once September and October hit, the Fredericton Playhouse calendar is full of a huge variety of entertainment; whether you want music, dance, theatre or laughter, the Playhouse caters to your entertainment needs.  See the full schedule on the Fredericton Playhouse website and make a point to take in a show!

9. Enjoy Fredericton’s Parks!
Time to dust off the Frisbee, football or any other outdoor toy!  Fall is a great time to visit one of Fredericton’s many parks.  Pack a picnic lunch, bring your camera and all of a sudden, you’ve made a day of it!

Mactaquac Provincial Park

10. Geocaching
In the mood for a treasure hunt?  Well geocaching is what you want to do!! From personal experience, I can say that it is a fun and exciting way to see any area.  All you need is a map, a GPS and a sense of adventure!  Want to find the road less traveled? Check out the Fredericton Geocaching Tour which identifies 24 hiddens gems divided into 3 categories: cultural, historical, and vistas.


Whatever you choose to do this fall, make sure that part of it is getting outdoors to breathe in that cool, crisp air.  Fall is too short of a season, so get going and make it matter!