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Haunted Hikes in Fredericton

Fredericton’s Haunted Hikes

When I would visit Fredericton as a kid, we would come over the Westmorland street bridge downtown and I would ask my parents, “is THAT the haunted church?”

Even as a child, I knew the city of Fredericton was haunted. I wasn’t even FROM this city and I knew there was a certain eerie something that hovered over the downtown area. Fredericton has a rich history in phenomenon, and if you are the type that needs to up and move after a delicious dinner and are intrigued by the unknown, the Calithumpian’s Haunted Hike is a must-do.

The Haunted Hike is a theatrical production where a quirky cast leads an eager group of hikers on a historic (lantern lit) ghost-storytelling adventure around the downtown core of Fredericton. The Calithumpians have been sharing stories for over thirty years now and are still spooking both young and old six nights a week (no ghouls on Sundays).

Here’s a sneak peak on what to expect:

The hike begins as the sun is setting in possibly the creepiest location: the “Coach House” which you can find at 796a Queen St., next to Gallery 78 on the corner of Queen & Church Street. There are bats swooping at our heads and the faces of our fellow hikers are illuminated by the faint glow of a kerosene lantern while we anxiously await direction from our as of yet, unknown guide. The start of the hike and guide introduction is so thrilling and so unique that I don’t want to give it away… so you’ll just have to go sign up to find out!

Each and every hike is different; I know this because I was part of the Calithumpian theatre troupe for four years and I participated in guiding these hikes. Hike leaders vary from each group and even from each and every tour. The tours are unique and are tailored to audience age, group participation, accessibility and sense of humour. That is the beauty of Calithumpians theatre; it is heavily based on the art of improvisation or, going with the flow. Though the bare-bones of the stories stay the same due to historical fact and research, the characters and interpretations of the stories are intuitive to the mood of the group.

Haunted Hikes

The costumed guides lure you around downtown Fredericton taking you along the Saint John River at dusk to the Historic Garrison District, the burial grounds and of course THE haunted Christ Church Cathedral. Storytellers appear seemingly out of nowhere as they recount the chilling past of each of the landmarks along the way; some told to thrill, some told to educate and some are light-hearted, ghoul-related puns, in good Calithumpian fashion.

On the hike, you’ll meet a series of mad scientists & ghostbusters; hear some of Fredericton’s most famous folklore and you might even catch a glimpse of Canada’s most active ghost! At the end of the hike, the actors stick around for a meet and greet and Q & A to unveil which stories are true, and which have been made up or exaggerated for theatrics.

The Haunted Hikes take place Monday to Saturday at 9:00pm (arrival at 8:45pm is recommended) from July 2 – September 5th. The tour is aproximately 1.5 hours long and covers approximately 2.5kms. Pricing is $14/adult and $9/child. Large group tours can be scheduled by calling ahead.

Tickets are available at the door (796A Queen Street), from River Valley Crafts and by calling the Calithumpians directly at 506-457-1975.

Tell us, what’s your favourite Fredericton ghost story or haunted area?