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Explore Mactaquac’s Beaver Ponds!

Explore Mactaquac’s Beaver Ponds!

Do your kids LOVE the outdoors? Mine are big fans, they especially love to explore. Last month I wrote our family fun ideas for this summer in Fredericton. And on the top of the list was a visit to Mactaquac Provincial Park’s Beaver Ponds.

Well I took the kids this week and we did their FREE (yes, I said free) guided tour. The tour is available by appointment (call 506-363-4747) until Labour Day weekend and starts at the Park Administration Building, across from the main entrance to the park.

The first thing you’ll receive when you arrive at the Beaver Pond is a fun treasure hunt list. Our guide Justin highlighted all of the items we’ll be watching for during our tour which included everything from beaver cut trees to witches brooms and ducks!

Beaver Ponds Treasure Hunt List

The tour began with a short leisurely walk through the woods where we found a number of items on the list right away. Justin was very patient with the kids answering all sorts of questions (and I may have tried to stump him myself a couple times – with no luck).

Beaver Pond Tour

One of the kids’ favourite spots on the tour was definitely the bridge overlooking the beaver ponds. We were welcomed with the sounds of bullfrogs and dragon flies zipping along and were quickly rewarded with lots of frogs on lily pads.

Beaver Pond Bridge

The tour continued its loop back to the beginning where we then did the critter dip! We’ve stopped by the beaver ponds many times on our own but it was definitely a lot more fun doing the guided tour as Justin was able to point out all sorts of different insects in the ponds – and help with catching frogs!

We kept everything we caught in a Tupperware container so the kids could ask questions and watch them swim around, then dumped it all back in the pond at the end.

Beaver Pond Critters

The tour lasted a bit over 2 hours. In addition to the free beaver pond tours Mactaquac Provincial Park also offers free Adventure Packs for the public to borrow. The packs, which are located at the admin building shelter, include all you need to explore the ponds including binoculars, bug catcher, magnifying glass and more!

There’s also a fun scavenger hunt around the beaver ponds with 6 different containers hidden along the route. You can find the map and details on site at the Beaver ponds under the shelter.

So the next time you’re looking for some free fun in Fredericton why not either give Mactaquac a call at 506-363-4747 to book a tour or explore the ponds on your own. Hours of fun for everyone!

A Mom of 2 busy girls, Stacey manages Fredericton Tourism’s social media and blog. Although not a blogger, her passion for family fun and discovering hidden wonders sometimes results in her jumping into the conversation with her own fun adventures!