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Second Hand Shopping in Fredericton

Second Hand Shopping in Fredericton

A shopping guide to second hand, consignment and thrift stores in Fredericton

Love that feeling of finding the ultimate deal? I’ve been shopping at consignment clothing and thrift stores for nearly half my life. I will usually make a point of searching out a consignment shop in every city I visit (and some may consider me an addict J ). But it really comes down to my love of fashion, frugality, and environmental concerns that drive me. And of course – the thrill of the hunt!

Fredericton Tourism recently asked me what my top picks were for second hand shops in the capital city are and they include:

1. Second Showing Boutique, located at 1299 Hanwell Road
Judy Crosby is the owner of this store and she takes consignment seriously. She accepts only well-maintained items that are still in style. She has a great range of brands from mall brands to higher end name brands such as Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and Coach. Her selection includes new-to-you clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags. If you are heading there on a Saturday you will meet Phyllis, Judy’s associate. They are both fun, helpful and will always give you an honest opinion.

Judy and Phyllis at Second Showing Boutique

2. ReNeu Boutique, located at 349 King Street, downtown in the Tannery District
If you are shopping for or shopping with a university student or 20-something, this the shop for you. Full of fun fashionable and vintage apparel for both men and women, ReNeu is locally owned by Heather Ogilvie. This shop has great prices and carries new, used, handmade and altered clothing. ReNeu is known for their $5 Saturday sales and for doubling as a live music venue at night for young, up-and-coming artists.

3. The Hospice Boutique, located at Carriage Place Mall at the top of the hill on Prospect Street|
The Hospice Boutique is one of the nicest thrift stores I have ever shopped in. It is clean, uncluttered and well laid-out.It always has just enough on display so the shop never feels crowded but still has a great selection. The managers and volunteers do a great job of sorting through all the donations to keep only the best quality items for sale. This store has something for everyone with a selection of apparel and accessories for men, women and children as well as household, home décor and specialty items. There are some real treasures to be found here!

Second Hand Shopping

Some of my favorite second hand finds in Fredericton are: a brand new pair of Northface hiking boots for $18 (Hospice Boutique), a new Michael Kors wallet for $5 (also Hospice Boutique), ruby red Franco Sarto designer shoes for $15 (Value Village), the best jean jacket I have ever owned for $21 (Reneu Boutique) and a Betsy Johnson leopard print trench coat for $48 with tags still on (look it up – that is an amazing deal) - (Second Showing).

If you are all about the thrill of the hunt like me and have lots of shopping time, you can also check out Jigglers (Prospect Street), Value Village or “VV boutique” as the locals call it (Bishop Drive), the Salvation Army Thrift Store (Main Street) or Guy’s Frenchy’s in Oromocto, just a short drive from Fredericton.  They have all served me well over the years!   

I’d love to know some of your best second hand finds in Fredericton. Tell me about them below!

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