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Family Friendly Restaurants

Family Friendly Restaurants in Fredericton!

I love it when I find a good restaurant, but I really like it when I find a restaurant where there is an abundance of colouring pages, crayons, kids’ menus and high chairs. To help you in your quest to feed your little ones in a relaxed atmosphere, we’ve compiled a list of some great Family Friendly Restaurants in Fredericton. 

Unplugged – A Board Games Café
418 Queen St | 206-6500 | Menu
What a perfect combination! Grab a table, get a board game and while you wait for your food play a rousing game of “Candy Land” or “Battleship” or whatever strikes your kid’s fancy! Enjoy gourmet grilled cheeses and poutiness, while you choose from a huge selection of family oriented board games. If you want to come in and play while you eat, there is a $5 cover charge ($3 for kids 10 and under), but if you are inclined to come in for the food only, there will be no cover charge.

Unplugged a Board Games Cafe

Milda’s Pizza & More
732 Charlotte Street (Charlotte Street Arts Centre)| 206-6990 |Menu
Milda’s Pizza, tucked away in the historic Charlotte Street Arts Centre, is a great spot if you are hankering for a truly home-made pizza and fresh toppings.  Their menu boasts more than pizza, they also have a great kid’s menu as well as a sofa for breastfeeding moms a boy and toy corner with a selection of activities for all ages…how cool is that! Be sure to drop in on Saturday mornings where they run a wide variety of workshops.

Milda's Pizza & More

The Cabin Restaurant
723 Woodstock Road, 459-0094 | Menu
Mini jukeboxes on the tables? Oh yes! This is such a cool little spot, and add to it the great memorabilia (perfect for a game of “I spy”) and the cool little jukeboxes on the table, this place is perfect for the whole family! Oh and of course the homemade milkshakes have always been a huge hit with my kids.

The Cabin Restaurant

Frank’s Finer Diner
80 Two Nations Crossing, 459-0707 | Menu
I remember taking my kids to this restaurant for the first time.  They were absolutely entranced by the working model train that circled the perimeter of the room! Apart from being known for its “sky high” cakes, Franks’s is a great diner style restaurant, complete with a kid’s play room to entertain the little ones. 

Frank's Finer Diner

Isaacs Way
649 Queen St, 474-7222 | Menu
The first thing that will definitely make an impression on the kids upon entering Isaacs Way is the large wooden carving of “Saucepan Sam”! Kid’s (and adults too!) can browse the paintings from local artists that adorn the walls – they even have artwork from young artists! Kid’s can colour with the colouring and doodle pages and be sure to bid on the many pieces of art; part of the proceeds to towards sponsoring underprivileged children in the cool is that?

Isaac's Way

Dip Pool Bar & Grill & [Catch] Urban Grill
Delta Fredericton, 225 Woodstock Road, 451-7925 | Menu
On a nice day, what better way to enjoy your meal than to sit outside by the pool! The Outdoor patio, open until September has a great view of the beautiful Saint John River.  Bring the kids’s swimsuits and go for a “dip” in the pool (note: there is a $10 towel charge to use the pool). 

Dip Pool Bar & Grill and [Catch] Urban Grill

Sam Snead's
1700 Kingswood Way, Hanwell | 444-9509 | Menu
Just a short 10 minute drive from the downtown, Sam Snead's overlooks the Kingswood Golf Course and is adjacent to the popular Kingswood Entertainment Centre (a great before or after dinner place to bring the kiddies, with loads of fun things to do!) Another great “I Spy” place with lots of golfing memorabilia, Sam Sneads a customized Sam Sneads colouring page and fun skills place mat.  

Sam Sneads

Caribbean Flavas
123 York Street, 459-1230 | Menu
Located downtown, the newly renovated Caribbean Flavas offer a “taste of the island life”, complete with a kids’ menu, colouring books and highchairs.

Caribbean Flavas

Dinner dilemmas are officially not an issue! With such a great variety of restaurants, your biggest problem is to choose which one!