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City to Create Free Public Event in Officers’ Square August 20th with Live Bands, CBC Broadcast of Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip

For immediate release:
August 20th promises to be a historic night in Canadian music culture. That’s the night the iconic Canadian rock band will end their summer tour, performing in their hometown Kingston, Ontario.

The City of Fredericton, in partnership with Downtown Fredericton, plans a night to remember in Officers’ Square with live bands and a free all ages public screening of the “The Tragically Hip: A National Celebration presented by CBC and the Tragically Hip.”

The Tragically Hip concert will be shown on a large outdoor screen at 9:30pm and will run until 12:30am.

The “Fully Completely in the Square” pre-screening event will begin a 3:30pm and will feature Fredericton bands Hum & Hollow, Before The War, and Kill Chicago, followed by PEI band Coyote and Fredericton favourites Grand Theft Bus.

The Officers’ Square event will be produced by the City in partnership with Downtown Fredericton, the Shivering Songs Festival, Something in the Air, and the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival.

“There has been so much buzz about this Hip show. It’s become a real cultural touchstone event. It’s going to be one of those few events in Canadian music that will be remembered for a long time. It’s a moment that needs to be shared as a community,” said Mayor Mike O'Brien.

“We’re excited about creating an outdoor public event that celebrates the Hip, through the CBC broadcast, and showcases local creators and producers,” he said.

In addition to the concerts, there will be food trucks a beer garden showcasing local craft beers and ciders from Fredericton’s fast-growing microbrewery cluster. The local microbrew beer garden will be managed by the Shivering Songs Festival with all proceeds supporting the evening’s live band performances and the January not-for-profit festival.

“Fully and Completely in the Square” will be a free, all ages event with the beer garden in a portion of Officers’ Square restricted to those 19 and over.

During the event, donations to the Canadian Cancer Society’s brain tumour research will be accepted with credit cards.


For more information, contact David Seabrook, Manager, Economic Development and Tourism, 506-471-0548.