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Craft Beer Celebrations


In Fredericton, there’s always a reason to celebrate. And what better reason to celebrate than so many great breweries, cider houses, and meaderies right at our doorstep?

One of the best beer extravaganzas in the Maritimes is the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival. Founded in 2013, this festival is a crowd pleaser, selling out tickets each and every year. The festival packs in over 55 beer, cider, and mead breweries from across the east coast, including a dozen from the Fredericton area alone. With samples and flights available, it’s easy to see why this event is so popular!

Fredericton Craft Beer Festival

For those who like to earn their beer, the Fredericton Beer Run is the event of the summer. In August, join runners in either 4km, 6km, or 12km runs along our river-side trail. After working up a sweat, there’s nothing better than an ice-cold beer! Tickets to this event include a craft beer and cider tasting menu from breweries across the province.

Fredericton Beer Run

And our delicious craft brews are the popping at dozens of other city festivals. What would our Poutine Festival be without a Gimross blonde? And our legendary Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival is even sweeter with a pint of Picaroons Harvest Amber Ale. We have the perfect beer for every occasion.

Join the Tour

For the intrepid beer lover, the New Brunswick Beer Tour offers a chance to venture around Fredericton’s downtown, hitting a just a few of our tastiest spots. It’s a chance to visit a variety of breweries, plus checkout a ciderhouse and a mead tasting.

If you’re curious about how your beer is made, check out the Taste of History tour! This popular venture takes guests to different microbreweries, while learning about the history of local brewing.