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Breweries and Bites

Fredericton watering holes for you to explore in Summer.

With the explosive rise of craft beer popularity in recent years, it’s no surprise to see New Brunswick’s capital churn out a number of stellar microbreweries of its own. With one of the highest numbers of craft beer producers per capita, our city is touted for having one of the best craft beer selections on the East Coast. Whether you’re exploring the trails on foot or out for a bike ride, Fredericton has a brewery located somewhere on your journey!

To help with your planning, we’ve compiled a shortlist of local tasting rooms you should make sure to check out next time you’re craving a brew and a bite!

Red Rover Ciderhouse | 546 Queen St, Fredericton, NB E3B 1B9


The first spot on our list has the notoriety of being Canada’s first Cider House; Red Rover Cider. Being one of the first on the cider scene in Canada and New Brunswick alike, Red Rover helped pave the way for others to follow suit within the Craft Cider industry. From humble beginnings in 2012, Red Rover was being sold locally at the Boyce Farmers Market each weekend. Then, in 2016 they opened their shared location with The Abbey Café right downtown on Fredericton’s idyllic Queen St.

Offering a variety of traditional English-style ciders for you to enjoy on site, or to take away –Red Rover Ciderhouse is cozy and full of rustic charm. From the live edge, lacquered bar top to the barn board siding fledged by large tree trunks – the vibe pays homage to an orchard or farmhouse akin to where the raw ingredients for Cider are sourced. One of their more popular brews is the New England Cider which has a crisp, refreshing bite – ideal for quenching your thirst on a warm Summers day.

As mentioned, Red Rover Ciderhouse shares its space with local vegan/vegetarian hotspot; The Abbey Café. The two businesses blend seamlessly together, making for an ideal one-stop shop for those looking to grab both a brew and a bite. We had the Spicy Pad Thai Bowl which was chock full of hearty veggies, crunchy peanuts, and smothered in a spicy peanut sauce. Scrumptious! The menu at The Abbey Café has something to offer everyone; from vegan variations of your classic burritos, to delicious paninis, as well as a standard selection of hot or cold bowls to choose from. They also make a great coffee, with beans provided by local roasters Whitney Coffee and have the best selection of guilt-free baked goods in town (all vegan!): Our absolute faves are their black bean brownies and the Zucchini muffins!

Maybee Brewing Co. | 559 Wilsey Rd, Fredericton NB E3B 7K1

Located off the beaten path in Fredericton’s industrial park, but in an ideal spot for bikers – just off the Trans Canada trail, is Maybee Brewing Co. The brewery itself is an airy, spacious retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown traffic – perfect for larger groups. They even offer $1 off your first beer if you arrive on a bike – genius!

The space is decorated with the true spirit of New Brunswick in mind; from the wooden canoe over the bathrooms, to old snowshoes hung on the barn board walls, and a timber framed ladder which has been cleverly turned into a light fixture – there is something around every corner to remind you of this brewery’s maritime origins. We personally loved the tongue in cheek signs cunningly placed in plain sight.

In keeping with tradition, Maybee’s main brews on offer are your typical North American style beers but with a bold craft flavor found in each. From your classic Pale Ales, American Wheats, and IPA’s, Maybee’s has mastered their take on each. With their bread and butter of the business being in retail sales, they also have some of the most striking labels around.

Feeling peckish? Maybee Brewing Co. has a rotation of food trucks that visit their brewery regularly. During our visit, Gastrognomes were on site to deliver some tasty treats. We had the pleasure of sampling their Trio of Tacos, which included chicken, beef, and battered fish! Who doesn’t love Mexican cuisine with a nice cold beer?! We also got to try their vegan burrito bowl which was bursting with unexpected flavours, and ingredients such as; cauliflower rice, black beans, salsa fresca, guacamole, cumin, and a mouth-watering coconut lime dressing. You gotta try it!

RustiCo and King West Brewing | 304 King St, Fredericton NB E3B 1E3

Our newest brewery and restaurant on the shortlist is RustiCo and King West Brewing, which opened its doors in downtown Fredericton just last year. Located near the tail end of King St. the place boasts one of the biggest and best patios in town for al fresco wining and dining.

Serving up Neapolitan style pizzas from their wood fired pizza oven, as well as a wide variety of other culturally inspired foods – they’ve since opened their very own brewery to add a number of house made craft beers to their offerings. They now have six of their own brews on tap, as well as two ciders, and a variety of other maritime-made craft beers on rotation. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, RustiCo also offers seasonal Pizza and Pasta making courses in-house (usually during the Fall/Winter months on Sundays).

With both the brewery and restaurant operating out of the same space, RustiCo. is large and airy, yet approachable, with modern furniture and accents throughout. Large banquette style tables line the interior with bench seating that are perfect for larger groups. Various booths are found in the inner restaurant to offer smaller parties a comfortable, more intimate dining experience.

York County Cider | 38 Main St, Fredericton NB E3A 1B8

Located on Fredericton’s Northside, York County Cider was established in 2015. Their spacious cidery on Main St. is laden with quirky old furniture and tonnes of eclectic art to grab your attention. It gives off those old school living room vibes from your childhood – all that’s missing is the shag carpet and antenna TV! It’s easily a place you can get comfortable catching up with a group of friends over a flight or two of their flavored brews.

Armed with one of Canada’s widest variety of flavored ciders, as well as broader offerings such as wine and 6 rotating craft beers – York County Cider has something for everyone. With fourteen of their own ciders on tap, their bestseller by far is the Strawberry-Lime cider, followed by others such as the Pineapple Express, Mixed Berry, and Cherry Bomb. They also have a hopped cider which is something we particularly enjoy, being beer fans!

If their cider selection alone isn’t enough to grab your attention, York County Cider plays host to regular live music, as well as trivia night every Wednesday, and Open Mic nights on Sundays. Not to mention, they’ve recently added a small selection of delicious nibbles to their menu for you to enjoy with your drink of choice: Items include chicken wings, perogies, samosas, and mozza sticks, to name a few.

Grimross |600 Bishop Dr, Fredericton NB E3C 0B4

Next up on our brewery stop is Grimross; located uptown on Bishop Drive – the space itself is large and industrial, and embodies the true essence of a brewery where the sweet smell of hops envelopes the senses. Grimross proudly does everything on site – from the actual brewing to the bottling, canning, and shipping – its an impressive operation in its own right.

Acting as the main venue for Roots n’ Soul Music, Grimross regularly hosts a variety of musical talents from across Canada and beyond. It’s the perfect spot for live music given the size and scope of the setting and draws a crowd of regular music lovers each week. They also have a Trivia night on location every second Monday, as well as various food trucks on rotation to satisfy your hunger after a few beers.


Graystone Brewing | 221 King St., Fredericton NB E3B 1J4

Graystone Brewing is downtown Fredericton’s main hotspot for beer lovers to unite. Of their various brews, their bestsellers are notoriously known amongst locals as the Patagonia trio; the Patagonia Pale Ale, the Patagonia IPA, and the Patagonia ISA. The location in downtown King St. boasts a sun soaked patio and deck, complete with wrap around bar seating, umbrellas, hammocks and an outdoor bar – how could it not draw a crowd! Even at nighttime you’ll find people out on their idyllic patio which is lit up with Edison bulbs and by the modern gas fireplace that runs the length of their bench seating.

The interior of Graystone is just as impressive, with garage style doors that bring the outside in – as well as a large central fireplace that keeps customers warm during New Brunswick’s long winter months. The environs are akin to being in a cosy living room space, complete with cool, modern accents – such as their large decaled accent wall depicting misty wooded mountains.

Not forgetting your appetites, Graystone hosts a number of rotating food trucks seasonally just off of their patio. We had the pleasure of trying out Freddy’s newest kid on the block that is quickly gaining a name for themselves amongst fellow foodies; VegOut! With vegetarianism and veganism on the rise globally, it’s great to have a local provider jump on board. What VegOut does is takes your fave meat dishes and recreates them to taste just like the real thing – if not better! We’d suggest trying either their shawarma wrap or the donair pita – both so, so good!

Trailway Brewing | 8-280 Main St. Fredericton, NB E3A 1C9

Proudly situated on Fredericton’s Northside, our next stop is Trailway Brewing who recently celebrated their 3 year anniversary of being open to the public. They’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings, experimenting with brewing in the basement at home. They were only a mere two years in business when they acquired The Bowl-a-Drome which will eventually serve as a second location.

Trailway brewing is yet another brewery that does everything on site. They draw a steady crowd of regulars throughout the week with their signature unfiltered brews. They have a total of twelve taps, each showcasing their own craft beer, as well as one rotating cask per week – showing that they still have a penchant for experimenting with their brews.

Of their year round beers on offer, the favorite amongst locals is the Hu Jon Hops IPA, which has also been dubbed by insiders as “the baby of the brewery”. Other bestsellers include the Rype Pale Ale and Beyond Reality, which is a seasonal Raspberry Wheat Ale. All boast bold, uncompromising flavors that are distinctive in their own right due to the unfiltered nature of Trailway brews.

The brewery itself is has an intimate, sports bar vibe, with two large banquette tables flanking the bar area and more seating upstairs in the mezzanine area which overlooks the action below. Outside is a large covered deck and patio area to facilitate the various visiting food trucks. You’ll find Milda’s pizza on site every Friday to serve you some of the best wood-fired pizzas in town!

Picaroons Roundhouse | 912 Union St. Fredericton, NB E3A 5M5

Last but not least on our list of breweries, is the one and only Picaroons Roundhouse. Established in 1995, Picaroons was one of the original microbreweries of New Brunswick. Having been on the scene since before the craft beer industry garnered a more mainstream following. Those who are long time craft beer fans will know many of Picaroons bestsellers by name: Some that come to mind in particular are, Yippee IPA, Irish Red, Best Bitter, and their seasonal Dooryard – to name a few!

With arguably one of the best locations in town, The Roundhouse is nestled between Northside’s Carleton Park and connected to the Southside via Fredericton’s infamous walking bridge. With idyllic waterfront views from their expansive patio and green space, it’s truly the perfect place to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day in the capital.

Not forgetting that you might be hungry when you pause for a break at The Roundhouse, they have a gourmet selection of food on site to feed your every craving. Manning the culinary ship, is head chef Lisa Aronson – who was formerly running things at the renowned Algonquin Hotel and Resort in Saint Andrews. Ingredients are locally sourced by Aronson personally and as fresh as possible; from the fish she uses for the brown bag fish and chips, to the smoked lamb she acquired from her go-to butcher. Of course, this all comes through in the quality of the dishes produced on site, and speaks volumes with regards to Aronson’s own culinary talents. Foodies will delight!     


With an expansive, warehouse-style facility, The Roundhouse is the perfect place to host large events – which it does so on a regular. Watch this space as the newest member of the Picaroons family, Doug Williams, has plenty in store for the development of more crowd-pleasers. With the notoriety of the name Picaroons, and a facility of this scope – the sky’s the limit for The Roundhouse.