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A playground for the arts: Fredericton’s galleries delight and inspire

When Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook, gifted his art gallery to the province, he encouraged the people of New Brunswick to “make it our playground, our delight, our source of inspiration.” We took him at his word. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has been at the heart of a vibrant visual arts scene in Fredericton for nearly 60 years. While Lord Beaverbrook’s initial gifts of important British and Canadian works form the core of the permanent collection, more national and international masterworks have been added over the years. In the 21st century the gallery has increased its focus on contemporary art and in particular the art of Atlantic Canada. Recently the Beaverbrook Art Gallery kicked off a new partnership with St. Thomas University which would see senior curator Jeffrey Spalding to serve concurrently as director of STU’s Yellow Box Gallery.

While the Beaverbrook Gallery is a must for any visitor to Fredericton, art lovers will find galleries of all sizes and for all tastes throughout the city. In addition to their own gallery space, the Charlotte Street Art Centre is home to individual artist studios as well as the Connexion Artist Run Centre. The UNB Art Centre recently celebrated its 75th anniversary and throughout the school year hosts solo and group exhibitions throughout the year.

Inspiring craft and design

Fine craft is proudly on display in the city. Fredericton boasts more working artisans per capita than anywhere else in Canada due in large part to the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. The George Fry Gallery celebrates the fine craft and design of the College’s students, faculty and alumni along with invited artists.

Bring a piece of Fredericton with you

If you are looking to take home a piece of the Fredericton art scene, a stop at Gallery 78 is a must. Located on the corner of Church and Queen, the oldest private art gallery in New Brunswick represents some of the finest artists in the city and the region. For contemporary art or works from emerging artists, make an appointment with Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts.

In this cultural capital, art pops up in unlikely places. Restaurants, shops and public spaces showcase the work of new and established artists. You’ll be inspired at every stop.