• #ExploreFrederictonLater


    The community has quickly come together to find new ways to continue traditions and stay true to our values, while supporting each other during these uncertain times.

  • There will be brighter days ahead

    But for now stay home, and stay healthy. And where possible, support local Fredericton businesses online or by phone. Let’s #SupportFredLocal

  • Art is at the heart

    Art is at the heart

    Like the Saint John River that runs through the heart of Fredericton, inspiration runs through New Brunswick’s capital city.

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  • Streets alive. Music everywhere.

    The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, Atlantic Canada’s premier international music festival experience!

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  • History flows through it

    History flows through it

    If the Saint John River could talk, it would have grand stories to tell of the history of Fredericton, which it has flowed through for centuries.

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  • On the edge of nature

    On the edge of nature

    You’re never more than a few blocks away from nature in Fredericton. New Brunswick’s capital city embraces the outdoors, and it goes farther than just urban forests and trails.

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  • Hand Crafted Here

    Hand Crafted Here

    Craving curry? Picturing pizza? Need some nigiri? Fredericton has you covered. From classic comfort food to new fusion cuisine, you’ll find a meal to suit nearly any taste in Fredericton.

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  • Brewing the best times in the East

    Fredericton is practically overflowing with local beer, from new start-ups to award-winning breweries.

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What's Happening

Now is a great time to get to know the one and only capital of NB; a good place to start is by taking in the public… https://t.co/LOZ5SpYgIW

Folk songs by #Fredericton musician, Mike Bravener found here #NBAlways https://t.co/dLNEkQddsv